Love, Hate, Indifference

Big Red Car here, y’all, warming up for some Thanksgiving. Please pass the Big Red Car a drumstick, y’all. Ahh, now that’s good with a side of 10W40.

Recently the Big Red Car was eavesdropping on one of The Boss’s conversations. He was chatting with a CEO pal and somehow they got on the issue of love, hate and indifference.

Seems The Boss was observing how folks can take a stand on something and unconditionally support or love the issue, the person, the situation.

Other folks seem to hate the issue, the person, the situation.

The brilliant CEO was making the case that the emotions were balanced and equivalent. The conversation turned to politics — always a dangerous thing.

The Boss chimed in that the opposite of love is not hate. Both love and hate are based on emotion — strong emotions.

The opposite of love is indifference wherein a person cares not a whit about the situation and is no longer emotionally engaged. In many ways that is what has happened with the Obama administration — told you they started to talk about politics, y’all.

What has now happened is that the American electorate has become dangerously indifferent to the leadership of the country. This is a natural outgrowth of the distrust of the integrity of the government at many levels but particularly at the top. It is a manifestation of a complete lack of faith of getting the truth — or even a close version of it — from the top.

There are still those who love the administration. There are still those who hate the administration. There are those who are just marking time for the administration to get out of town — they have become indifferent.

It is a sad turn of events, is it not?

But, hey, what the Hell do I know really? I’m just a Big Red Car. Cheer up, y’all, the Big Red Car loves YOU!

3 thoughts on “Love, Hate, Indifference

  1. America has survived other bad administrations, and it will survive this one. The amount of dead weight loss in the American economy due to bad public policy is quite amazing. What’s even more amazing is how well the economy does in spite of all the roadblocks in front of it. Testament to the American people.

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      In even a disastrous administration such as this failed Obama administration, I am always struck by the value of intelligent packaging.

      In spite of high unemployment — the new norm with a frightening ignorance of the work force participation rate and its significance — we can say that when ten percent of Americans are unemployed – ninety percent of Americans are employed. When said that way, the issue feels different, better somehow.

      The American economy is huge, resilient and powerful like the Gulf of Mexico. When the BP disaster occurred, we were assured that the Gulf was wrecked, no oysters would survive, the shores would be black, tarry and fouled forever.

      A couple of hurricanes, the emptying of the Gulf bathtub into the Atlantic past Cuba, the mighty Mississippi continuing to pour fresh water into the Gulf and — voila! — problem solved.

      The macro always overwhelms the micro and today will only be one day in history, a rich history waiting to be written.

      The measure of wisdom that a man acquires with age is what you have expressed so eloquently:

      This, too, shall pass.

      Happy Thanksgiving. Keep bringing the truth.


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    I am indifferent to the current administration almost unable to summon any emotion as they are so hopelessly incompetent. A harsh criticism but a true one.

    Love, hate, indifference?



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