Moderna — The Efficacy Of Following The Money

If you are expecting an erudite and pithy exposition of my considerable knowledge on COVID (I am a veteran of the ‘Vid) and my extensive wisdom as an Internet immunologist, public health official, medical raconteur, and epidemiologist — you will be disappointed. I am sorry.

Today, I speak only of one company – Moderna.

The Pandemic has been very good to Moderna — this is not a slur or a casting of aspersions of any form whatever. It is simply a reflection of Moderna’s stock price. Continue reading


COVID — How Billionaires Game The China Virus

I am a skeptic by nature and practice which I consider to be a feature and not a bug. Whenever I hear something that tweaks my interest I stop and ask myself, “What am I missing?” It has stood me in good stead.

Comes now the story that the philanthropic arms of Messrs. Bill Gates and George Soros are getting into the COVID racket. That would be:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and,

Soros Economic Development Fundteamed up in a new initiative called Global Access Health focused on, among other places, Africa.

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Getting Out And About — The Revolution Begins

We are by our nature social creatures and the evil Chinese Pandemic has cut us off from our natural outlets for social contact and discourse. I feel it like an oppressive force as if cut off from the sun for two years.

Skype, Zoom, MS Teams tried their best to bring us together, but they are two dimensional and do not fulfill that social need.

We can get our groceries delivered — and, boy oh boy, did I — but it foils our need to see, talk to, and be in the company of other people — not intimate friends, but the masses of humanity that are the stage set for our lives.

I miss the coffee shop humanity, the partisan crowds at sporting events, the hungry people at the grocery store, and the reverent churchgoers.

Today I announce with defiance and determination: I have thrown off the yoke and I am back in play at the vanguard of a revolt.

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Civil Disobedience >>>>> Precursor To What?

The United States of America was created by leaders in the North American English Colonies rising in revolt against their English King who at that time commanded the largest and most lethal army and navy in the world. King George III started his reign as a popular king known for being able to speak to the “common man.”

King George III, the man who made the United States of America and never got the credit. Weird looking left hand?

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Willy Wonka and the COVID Vaccine Mandate

Last week, our President Biden screamed his anger at America and its 80,000,000 un-vaxxed citizens giving voice to his growing impatience about the world of vax and imposing upon their employers a rule that will create a $13,600 “fine” for any company that employs more than 100 workers if any single employee is either not vaxxed or tested weekly.

Listen to me, you 80,000,000 unvaxxd morons, this is Joe the Uniter.

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Death in the Age of COVID

Any discussion about COVID eventually devolves to death.

In the beginning, a lot of morons were predicting 2-3,000,000 US deaths from COVID. They were, in many instances, smart people who extrapolated very sketchy data to absurd conclusions. I don’t think they intended to mislead, but many of them were alarmists.

That obviously did not happen.

I also heard a lot of folks who said things like:

“Total deaths in the US went down during the time of COVID.”

“Every death is being characterized as COVID related because of funding implications.”

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Implications of the New Awakening for B2C Businesses

America is awakening from the Pandemic Slumber — some states like Texas and Florida are fully awake and have been for a short period of time. The rest of the other states are throwing off their Rip Van Winkle nightshirts and starting to stretch.

What is also happening is:

 1. People are no longer huddled in front of their computers (shout out to Netflix) 24/7 whilst imprisoned in their homes binge buying things from the ‘Net and Amazon.

 2. People are emerging to partake of restaurants, entertainment, travel, catchup family visits, going to delayed wedding receptions, and walks in the park with a vengeance giving rise to revenge expenditures of funds. There is an energy nigh unto a frenzy to get out and about.

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COVID Unequal Burdens

COVID has killed 600,000 people in the United States and devastated the economy.

In spite of these facts, there are some who have suffered more/less and there are those who have prospered, as unlikely as that seems.

This graph shows an interesting impact on wages of different segments of the population.

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