Willy Wonka and the COVID Vaccine Mandate

Last week, our President Biden screamed his anger at America and its 80,000,000 un-vaxxed citizens giving voice to his growing impatience about the world of vax and imposing upon their employers a rule that will create a $13,600 “fine” for any company that employs more than 100 workers if any single employee is either not vaxxed or tested weekly.

Listen to me, you 80,000,000 unvaxxd morons, this is Joe the Uniter.

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The US Army Budget Under President Biden

It is not difficult to understand the Biden approach to governance and the military priorities of his administration if one studies the Biden FY 2022 budget submittal — made late on a Friday night before an extended holiday weekend because it is not something they are proud of.

I focus solely on the US Army budget because it is the easiest to decipher and unpack, and it is a clear indication of the Biden military intentions.

Some background

During the Obama – Biden administration, the US Army was decimated. It was neglected and put the US in a dangerous posture.

During the last year of the Obama – Biden admin, the US Army reported only 3 of 58 brigade combat teams as combat ready.

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Joe Biden Is Coming For Your Guns

The election is over. Joe Biden is our President (he is my President) and he is going to start paying off all the chits he wrote during the election.

One of those chits was putting Beto in charge of gun control — maybe not literally, but figuratively.

I care not a whit about the gun issue, as I think the Second Amendment is dispositive of the matter though it may take going to the Supreme Court to make that stick, but I do think there is room for some common ground.

Will we find it? No. Sorry. Not a chance in Hell.

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Monetary Policy v Fiscal Policy — What Do They Even Mean?

Other day I am scanning a blog post from what was once my favorite blog. The author uses the words “monetary policy” and “fiscal policy” in a manner that reveals he has no earthly idea what they mean, but they sit nicely in the sentence and give off the erroneous notion that he is an erudite and educated observer of the condition of the world and our economy.

So, your Big Red Car will tell you what they actually mean.

Monetary policy and fiscal policy are not interchangeable. They mean different things.

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The Speech Joe Biden Needs To Give But Never Will

There are no extraordinary men. There are ordinary men who are called to lead in extraordinary times. Today is such a time and Joe Biden has been called to lead.

The simple question is this — can he lead? Can he do what needs to be done?

Right now, the lingua franca is a besotted call for healing and unity, something as likely to happen as me turning dried up leaves on my lawn into gold leaf with a wave of my hand. But, can we hope to hear from our better angels?

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Striking A Blow Against Women

If you are a young woman in either high school or college and are competing in sports, President Biden just struck a blow against fairness in your sport.

It will revolutionize the way that sports for women are managed and how women athletes perform.

In an executive order, the President has taken action such that “gender” may be assigned as the individual desires.

Let me strip that down for you — biological men will be competing in your sports in accordance with the desires of this administration.

From a social perspective, the notion that you may “feel” a way that is inconsistent with your end of the gene pool is not really at contest, but what is at contest here is this:

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The Bad Biden Policy Begins — Keystone XL Pipeline

In less than 46 hours, we will have a peaceful transition of power as Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States.

He will be my President. I will not riot, demonstrate, conduct a coup, cry, wail, march up and down the street with a sign that says “Not My President”, and I will not demand his impeachment today — or, likely, ever. Not my style.

I will extend to him every courtesy of his high and difficult office as if I were interfacing with the entire 80MM persons who put him there. I will be respectful also to the 75MM Americans who did not want him. I will be a respectful, adult Big Red Car.

I have prayed that God grant him the grace to deal well with his momentous duties. I will continue to pray for him.

I will focus solely on policy. In my critique of Mr. Biden’s presidency, I will applaud those policies which I think are good for the country and I will boo those policies I do not think are good for the country.

Today, I learned of a policy initiative which President-elect Biden intends to put into practice immediately upon taking office.

President Biden Will Cancel the $9Bn Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

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