Drive By Impeachment

Today, the 44th day of December 2020, the House of Representatives, led by the 80-year-0ld, newly re-elected, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is conducting a drive by impeachment of the POTUS Donald J Trump.

“We couldn’t get COVID relief done in 8 months (wink, wink), but we can get impeachment done in a week, right?”

We are seven days from the inauguration of Joe Biden as POTUS whereafter the healing and the uniting will begin in earnest.

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The Obama 3.0 Biden Foreign Policy

I am an issues/outcomes equal opportunity critic. I care not a whit about the politics of the issue or the sponsors.

This is why I liked the First Step Act (lauded by Senators Kamala Harris, Booker, Warren, and fellow travelers) and the the Canadian Softwoods Lumber Tariff.

The FSA was good policy supported by a bi-partisan gang of legislators who all took credit for it.

Comes now the first inklings of the Biden foreign policy team — Obama retreads all. For God’s sake, y’all, he gave John Kerry the international climate change portfolio.

Holy shit, Joe, you’re in charge. Wow! I’m 76 and you’re 78 and we’re the New Idea Guys. WTF?

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