BAILOUT – The Bailout of Venture Capitalists and Startups @ Silicon Valley Bank

Comes now the sordid tale of Silicon Valley Bank which failed spectacularly last week triggering the Biden admin to BAILOUT their donor class pals in the venture capital and startup world under the authority granted to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to deal with “exceptional” situations that present a “systemic risk” to the entire banking system.

“Come on, man, you thought we were going to let our pals in the VC and startup world play by the rules? Oh, ye, of little faith. Get out of here.”

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“I Was Just The Piano Player” Defense

The other day I watched the US Senate Judiciary Committee exercise its Constitutionally-mandated duty to oversee the Department of Justice.

The last moment of comity when AG Garland trotted up to the Senate to answer a few questions. Merrick: “Oh shit, here it comes, the damn Houck imbroglio.”

The fun chaps on the J Committee — Sen Mike Lee, Sen Josh Hawley, Sen Teddie Cruz, Sen John Cornyn, Sen John Kennedy — had Attorney General Merrick Garland over for a chat, a foot massage, and a wine spritzer. Continue reading


Are The Biden Admin and the Dems Pro- or Anti- Business? National Security?

Clearly the answer to the above question can be determined definitively by considering the provisions of the 4,000+ page, makeshift, abrogation-of-duty, bacchanal, omnibus budget bill.

You know the one nobody will read and everybody will vote for so they can go home on Christmas recess?

I have been studying it. You knew I would. It is a Jabba the Hutt orgy of spending and earmarks. It is disgusting. It is also dangerous.

Here is an example:

 1. Since 1954, American business has been able to “expense” legitimate research and development expenses. Continue reading


Martial Law, Mobilization, and Nuclear Madness

Vladimir Putin — a name that will live in the infamous company of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini forever — declared martial law in the four faux provinces of Ukraine he annexed. In addition, eight surrounding areas are in a state of “economic mobilization.”

This is as much for Russian public consumption as anything else. He is softening up the Russian public for a sterner step — the declaration of a complete mobilization and an all out war.

He has cast off the fake coat of a “special military operation” and has mobilized his army for a protracted war whilst he continues to play at nuclear brinksmanship.

What does it all mean?

Disney movie baddie Putin struts his little self into a clown show imperial setting to pretend Russia’s economy is not 25% smaller than Italy’s.

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A Personal Letter to President Joe Biden

Dear Mr. President,

I have been watching your reaction to the build up and attack on Ukraine by Russia — going on for a year, amigo — and I would like to share with you some advice and thoughts.

You do realize that Vladimir Putin thinks you are a weak leader, lack the resolve to engage, are inexperienced in such matters, and are personally fearful of combat?

As a Vietnam War Era draft dodger, he is onto something, but I can help you. Here is my advice:

 1. Stop telling everybody that direct American involvement is “off the table.” Even if it is, why arm a jack off like Putin with that knowledge?

Keep him guessing. Tell him, “Nothing is off the table, you little trollette including de-regimeing your mangy ass.”

 2. This isn’t Putin’s first rodeo. He destroyed Chechnya, in particular the city of Grozny its capital, during the Second Chechen War. Georgia? Crimea? Donbas region of Ukraine?

He levelled Grozny using the same medieval, Dark Ages siege tactics as he is using in Ukraine.

Understand where this is headed and get out ahead of it. He is going full on Grozny on Kyiv.

Start the verbal offensive right now. Don’t procrastinate. You’ve wasted enough time already. Bury him in public opinion and get Russia excluded from every international organization.

 3. Putin has a third rate, poorly led, inexpert, conscript army with a duct tape and bailing wire supply chain.

The Russians are not the varsity. You, on the other hand, have a modern, well trained, sometimes well led army capable of destroying Russia’s weak force.

How do I know this, you ask? I used to be in the military racket.

I grew up on Army posts, my father was a career soldier, my mother was a World War II veteran, I am a graduate of Virginia Military Institute, and was a professional soldier for five years followed by a great number of years as an unprofessional soldier.

That bunched up Russian jug fuck of a convoy is a cemetery of KIAs waiting to be harvested.

So, Joe, lean forward in your saddle like you have a set and are John Fucking Wayne. Act like a guy  who can back up the mindless rhetoric.

 4. Make a big, bold stroke — call for raising a dozen new Army and Marine divisions, put tanks back into Europe, sell 4,000 8,000 tanks to Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

Move our European deployments right near the border and install Patriot missiles. Make Putin sweat.

 5. Joe, do some secret stuff. Don’t talk about Migs in public, you bloody moron. Secretly transfer Migs to the Ukrainians. The Russians won’t know where they came from.

Put some sack into it. Get the Migs for Ukraine and act surprised. Remember, Joe, secret stuff. Do not telegraph your punches.

Look, we’re giving the Ukes Javelins and Stingers — what difference would a Mig or two make? Give these magnificent men more Javelins and Stingers.

Give those heroic,  brave Ukrainians a fighting chance. Turn them loose to destroy that column.

 6. Mr. President, one more time, give the Ukrainians anything we can. The really good stuff. Give them Javelins, Stingers, anti-aircraft, gobs and gobs of ammunition.

 7. Crush the snot out of Russia and Putin economically. You were slow to the realization that the US was buying incredible amounts of energy from Putin.

When the polls signaled the unviability of your stance, you got with it. Stop waiting on the polls.

So, here’s the lift, Mr. President. Turn loose the Kracken of the American Oil Patch. Drill, baby, drill until US production is 15,000,000 barrels of crude oil a day and the American excess puts our whole arm on the scale of pricing. Drive oil to $10/barrel and let Putin sweat out how he’s going to pay his thugs. Knock the financial underpinning of the Russian oil economy on its ass.

Unleash the power of the American energy entrepreneur — jobs in the US, money to US energy companies, surge the US economy not Venezuela’s; reverse your disastrous week #1 energy errors. Do this now when it can make a difference.

 8. The Saudis are pissed with you. Tell those MF-ing murderers they can hang with us or Putin. If they hesitate, tell them the Israelis are going to do touch-and-gos in Riyadh unless they get with us.

 9. Last thing, Joe, tell those fools running the Pentagon they can shelve the whole gender identity and pronouns thing. Have them focus instead on force lethality, force safety, and standing up a dozen divisions.

There it is, Joe. Do this and the world will be safer, you will sleep better, and the blood of the innocent Ukrainians will not be thigh high in the Oval Office.

With warmest personal regards,

The Big Red Car


Words That Need To Be Said — Ukraine No Fly Zone

I had a dream. In it, President Biden was younger, more with it, leaned forward in his saddle, and spoke with conviction.

Our Pentagon was led by men who did not spend their time on white rage and funding transgender sex change operations. They knew their job was to project lethality, to win wars, and to vanquish evil.

We were again the America of George Washington, George Marshall, and we were the beacon of hope, the Arsenal of Democracy, the last, best hope of mankind, and we were the decent people who we are and we stood for and defended freedom wherever it took root. We were prudent, but unafraid because we knew our cause was just and right.

We were the good guys and we were unafraid of that burden. Continue reading