Bring On The Presidential Debates

We are less than six months from Election Day (still several lifetimes from the actual election) and early voting begins in some states as early as September (Virginia as an example). I always think the election really begins the day after Labor Day.

The Biden campaign issued a letter proposing two debates with the first one as soon as next month. Here are the high points of the Biden proposal.

 1. Only two debaters — Presidents Biden and Trump and no Robert F Kennedy Jr or other third party candidates

 2. Two debates, no more, to be moderated by a media outfit such as CNN, but no Fox News, using only existing personnel, no drop ins

 3. In studio only, no audience or expressive crowds to lend earthy responses to the candidates — a debate with no audience, really?

 4. Microphones that shut off when the candidate’s allotted time expires

 5. No involvement with the Commission on Presidential Debates Continue reading


An Elderly Man With A Bad Memory

Yesterday POTUS Joe Biden received a get-out-of-jail-free-card from Independent Counsel Robert Hur though he found:

Joe Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen.”

And, Joe is pissed. Let me ‘splain it to you.

Who the Hell is Robert Hur, Big Red Car?

 1. Robert Hur (South Korean descent) was educated at Harvard College and Stanford Law School. He’s one of them “elites.” Smart as a whip.

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Illegal Aliens v Mexican Food

I lived in Texas for four decades and came to love Mexican food (TexMex) like one of my children.

There is a huge difference amongst Mexican food locations: Austin v San Antonio v El Paso.

With the advent of an invasion of illegal aliens (not all of whom are Mexican or Hispanic, 35,000 of them are Chinese with a lot of military age men), the demand for cultural food appropriation is high. Continue reading


A Word About Immigration At The Southern Border

Today comes word that the Senate Republicans and their colleagues have arrived at a “bill” to cure the problem at the southern border. All hail, Senator Lankford! Even Cocaine Mitch McConnell says it’s “Great!”

Haha, not so fast, y’all.

In the background is our President, Joe Biden, whining the Congress (the Senate and the House) has to act to give him the authority to control the southern border. He says he doesn’t have the authority to  control the illegal immigrant onslaught at the border!

Wink, wink!

Haha, like it wasn’t Biden’s plan all along to remove the southern border, eh?

“The bad Republicans won’t give me the authority to deal with the Southern border. Woe is I!”

Yeah, well, let’s chat about that, shall we? Continue reading


Mexico Plays The United States For A Sucker

Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador or AMLO, has decided to play hardball with American President Joe Biden in regard to the debacle on the southern border — you know the border between the sovereign nation of the United States of America and the Consolidated Cartels of Mexico.

Illegal immigrants invade the United States in a coordinated wave managed by the Cartels.

AMLO — in a meeting in Mexico City whereto he summoned the American Secretary of State and the Director of Homeland Security like a couple of neutered chihuahuas — has levied the following demands of the Biden admin to “assist” with the issue of the southern border. Continue reading


Screwing The American Military Veteran Yet Again

Veterans are a useful bunch of folks. They fought our wars and kept the country safe.

Twice a year — Memorial Day (war dead) and Veterans Day (all veterans) — we trot our veterans out and honor them, but the rest of the time we disrespect and abuse them.

Marines engaged in close combat, hand-to-hand training.

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The FBI/DOJ Dual Justice Systems?

Comes now our brother Hunter Biden who upon being summoned by a legal subpoena from the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee has decided to spurn their request.

Inquiring minds — wildly overthinking things in my view — want to know if Hunter discussed this with The Big Guy as this might give rise to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Brother Hunter was summoned for a private transcribed (under oath) interview by the House Oversight Committee, ably chaired by Congressman James Comer. 

Brother Hunter — in a bit of theater — arrived for his transcribed interview and grandstanded on the steps of the Capitol indicating he would gladly sit for a “public” interview, but the old boy will not stand for a private interview.

“I am here, baby. I didn’t comply with the subpoena, but I am here. Let’s try this in the court of public opinion, shall we? Stop picking on me. I’m the victim here.”

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BAILOUT – The Bailout of Venture Capitalists and Startups @ Silicon Valley Bank

Comes now the sordid tale of Silicon Valley Bank which failed spectacularly last week triggering the Biden admin to BAILOUT their donor class pals in the venture capital and startup world under the authority granted to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to deal with “exceptional” situations that present a “systemic risk” to the entire banking system.

“Come on, man, you thought we were going to let our pals in the VC and startup world play by the rules? Oh, ye, of little faith. Get out of here.”

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