Pimping With Experts

When a politician needs to counter some terrible narrative as it relates to behavior or policy what does he/she do?

They find some EXPERTS to pimp out to support their outrageous behavior or policy.

The Fifty Intel EXPERTS

You will recall during the last days of the 2020 election, candidate Joe Biden was confronted by the allegation that a laptop owned by his son — in the possession of the FBI for a year and supposedly being “investigated” — was filled with damaging information.

Joe had famously asserted that he had had nothing to do with his nefarious son’s business dealings with amongst others, the sovereign nation of China. The information on the laptop showed this was a lie of gargantuan proportions and that not only was he actively involved, but he was the beneficiary of “10% for the Big Guy.”

The information on the laptop began to leak out and showed a drug crazed Hunter Biden engaged in various sorts of churlish and illegal behavior.

What did candidate Joe Biden do? He pimped some EXPERTS. You can read the contemporaneous article here:

5o Intel Pimp EXPERTS Opine

Now, in a move that has been proven a lie and incredibly cynical candidate Joe Biden rounded up “50 former intelligence officials” who warned the naive, gullible, and callow American public that the laptop, the information on the laptop, and Joe’s balding forehead were “signs of a Russian disinformation operation.” Continue reading


Implications of the New Awakening for B2C Businesses

America is awakening from the Pandemic Slumber — some states like Texas and Florida are fully awake and have been for a short period of time. The rest of the other states are throwing off their Rip Van Winkle nightshirts and starting to stretch.

What is also happening is:

 1. People are no longer huddled in front of their computers (shout out to Netflix) 24/7 whilst imprisoned in their homes binge buying things from the ‘Net and Amazon.

 2. People are emerging to partake of restaurants, entertainment, travel, catchup family visits, going to delayed wedding receptions, and walks in the park with a vengeance giving rise to revenge expenditures of funds. There is an energy nigh unto a frenzy to get out and about.

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Does anyone in Washington really know how to balance a checkbook? Manage finances?

Big Red Car here.

Nice weather in the ATX and I am thinking I might just get a chance to hit the road today.

The Boss has already taken my top down but that may be just to dry me out a bit.  We shall see.  Cold here.

The Boss was up early and had some breakfast tacos.  He is always in a good mood after breakfast tacos.  But not today. Continue reading


We have a fundamental cash flow problem, not a political problem

Big Red Car here.  Still drying out from the rains last night and today.  We need the rain so I can’t complain.  Who would listen anyway?

So I’m talking to a cute little Mercedes Benz convertible (top buttoned up, mind you).  She lives with an accountant and we get talking about the cash flows of our country.  Not politics, mind you, just how much is coming in and how much is going out and how much we are borrowing.

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