Civil Disobedience >>>>> Precursor To What?

The United States of America was created by leaders in the North American English Colonies rising in revolt against their English King who at that time commanded the largest and most lethal army and navy in the world. King George III started his reign as a popular king known for being able to speak to the “common man.”

King George III, the man who made the United States of America and never got the credit. Weird looking left hand?

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The Nightmare Recedes

As I write, Americans are being vaccinated against the COVID19 virus within the same zip code in which I sit. It began four hours ago.

For some reason it reminds me of D-Day, the radio reports wherein our countrymen listened with anticipation:

“This morning, under the command of General Eisenhower, Allied naval forces supported by strong air forces began landing Allied armies on the northern coast of France.”

Within five days, more than 326,000 Allied troops would have landed with more than 100,000 tons of equipment and Paris would be liberated two and a half months later with the Germans destroyed within a year.

I wish the same fate to COVID.

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From Whence Comes the COVID19 Vaccine?

Happy Easter, world. He has risen.

In much the same way that Christ came to life on Easter, there are those who are working hard to develop a vaccine for COVID19 to preserve our lives.

We hear about this, but I never get the details. So, I researched several promising efforts and want to share one with you.



On 3 March 2020, the President and CEO of Inovio, Dr. J Joseph Kim shared his company’s plans to develop a vaccine (INO-4800) for the treatment of COVID 19. He called it an “accelerated plan.”

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