COVID — How Billionaires Game The China Virus

I am a skeptic by nature and practice which I consider to be a feature and not a bug. Whenever I hear something that tweaks my interest I stop and ask myself, “What am I missing?” It has stood me in good stead.

Comes now the story that the philanthropic arms of Messrs. Bill Gates and George Soros are getting into the COVID racket. That would be:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and,

Soros Economic Development Fundteamed up in a new initiative called Global Access Health focused on, among other places, Africa.

Africa has a huge COVID problem. In the nation of South Africa more than 95% of all COVID cases are the more worrisome Delta variant in a country that is less than 3% vaccinated. Africa will require a lot of COVID testing.

Buying into the COVID game

Gates, Soros and a few other billionaire pals are plunking down $41,000,000 to buy a company you have never heard of — Mologic Ltd.

Mologic Ltd is a testing company that provides “deep-nostril” technology — haha, that name just tickles me — to conduct and deliver results from rapid COVID tests (lateral flow tests to the cognoscenti). They also test for dengue fever, bilharzia, and river blindness.

Interesting coincidence — river blindness is treated with . . . . . . . . . . IVERMECTIN. Ever heard of that drug? It’s the Joe Rogan horse de-wormer drug.

A rapid COVID test is different than other tests in that it can provide almost instantaneous results of the type necessary to allow bars, restaurants, and other group occupancies to re-open; or, to allow unvaccinated workers to work; or, as used for other gatherings.

Mologic Ltd is the kind of company that if slapped with a checkbook is going to do very well. Testing is going to be around for a long, long, long time.

Who is Mologic Ltd, Big Red Car?

Mologic Ltd has been around for a while, founded in 2003 by CEO Mark Davis and his father, Paul Davis, as a “for profit” medical research and innovation lab.

Paul Davis was the inventor of something called the Clearblue pregnancy test which revolutionized pregnancy testing back in 1988 and was the first application of “lateral flow technology” which is the cornerstone of the COVID rapid test.

What’s the plan, Big Red Car?

The plan, dear reader, goes something like this:

  1. Hot little testing company, Mologic Ltd, focused on tropical diseases (dengue fever, bilharzia, river blindness) and in the COVID rapid testing business using a proprietary bit of wizardry is selling itself to a cabal of billionaires for $41,000,000.

 2. The CEO and co-founder of the company, Paul Davis, is the real deal and was the inventor of the Clearblue pregnancy test back in 1988 using “lateral flow technology.”

 3. Soros, Gates, other well-heeled chaps, acting through their philanthropic arms are buying/bought Mologic ltd for the noted $41,000,000 and will deploy it through two new initiatives:

Global Access Health (GAH)

Global Access Diagnostics (GAD) — when one peeks beneath the covers, this is actually GAH + Mologic Ltd

 4. The new company will evolve into a “social enterprise” as described by Mologic Ltd CEO Mark Davis thusly:

“Mologic’s transition into a social enterprise is a deliberate, logical and natural step for a company focused on delivering affordable diagnostics and biotechnology to places that have been left underserved by the relentless pursuit of profiteering.”

Seems an odd comment as they are a “for profit” company and might themselves be accused of being in the profiteering racket?

 5. The Soros Economic Development Fund CEO Sean Hinton offered this comment:

“In this unique transaction, philanthropic funds and investors are working together with a skilled and visionary management team in a truly innovative way to address at least one part of that failure by enabling a cutting edge commercial business to focus all its resources on solving one of the world’s most pressing public health issues.”

Now, that statement — by enabling a cutting edge commercial business — really makes my antennae wiggle.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

I am afraid I cannot really bottom line it other than to say that something seems to be lurking right beneath the surface.

Why didn’t the moneybags’ chaps just send a pickup truck of money over to Mologic Ltd?

The Gates and Soros entities already had a philanthropic relationship with Mologic Ltd — meaning, I believe, they were buying test kits wholesale and deploying through the efforts of others.

Why did the philanthropists find it necessary to buy all of the stock of the “cutting edge commercial business?” And, is the CECB going to continue cutting edges and making profits?

Fairness: The Soros entity is NOT the Open Society Foundations (spent more than $30MM funding Ferguson protestors) which is a hard left funder of ultra liberal social justice advocacy groups such as those working to defund the police. In Austin By God Texas, the Open Society Foundation reportedly gave $500,000 to a group supporting the defunding of the police.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a skeptical Big Red Car.