Mexico Plays The United States For A Sucker

Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador or AMLO, has decided to play hardball with American President Joe Biden in regard to the debacle on the southern border — you know the border between the sovereign nation of the United States of America and the Consolidated Cartels of Mexico.

Illegal immigrants invade the United States in a coordinated wave managed by the Cartels.

AMLO — in a meeting in Mexico City whereto he summoned the American Secretary of State and the Director of Homeland Security like a couple of neutered chihuahuas — has levied the following demands of the Biden admin to “assist” with the issue of the southern border.

He issued his demands publicly before the bloody meeting suggesting he isn’t afraid of US retribution.

 1. Mexico — when I say “Mexico” you say “AMLO” — demands the US provide immediate funding of $20,000,000,000 to defray costs of Mexico at the border;

 2. Mexico demands the US provide immediate amnesty for 10,000,000 Mexican illegals currently residing in the US;

 3. Mexico demands the US  end all  sanctions against Venezuela;

 4. Mexico demands the US end all sanctions against Cuba; and,

 5. Mexico demands the US normalize relations with Cuba and form a US – Cuba bi-lateral committee to oversee the normalization.

The White House mumbled the demands seemed ” . . . a little aggressive.” Ya think?

This would require the joinder of the US Congress which isn’t bloody likely to happen and AMLO knows that, but he doesn’t care because he figures he controls the whip hand.

It’s a bloody insult. AMLO thinks he can dictate US foreign and immigration policy? Apparently.

One may understandably ask WTF does the situation with Venezuela and Cuba have to do with border security and the answer is: NOT A BLOODY THING.

What did Trump do, Big Red Car?

Ahhh, yes, that Trump fellow — what did he do?

 1. The Donald built The Wall and would have completed it except for wholesale opposition from the Dems in Congress. He fully intended to close off the border completely.

Think how many of our current immigration problems would be solved if Congress had simply let the damn wall be finished. Congress is our weakest link.

 2. The Donald — also negotiating with AMLO — initiated the Remain in Mexico policy whereby Mexicans and other nationalities seeking asylum in the US — asylum, not just illegal entry, but fleeing from a credible fear of death in their home country — had to remain in Mexico until their court hearing date.

Today, the Biden admin releases all asylum seekers — which means every person crossing the border as they all say they are fleeing for their lives — into the United States with court dates as far into the future as 2032. Boom!

 3. The Donald threatened Mexico with a tax on remittances — the sending of funds earned in the US to Mexico, as well as tariffs on Mexican exports to the United States.

80% of Mexican exports are headed to the US, so tariffs — a threatened 25% — were a huge weapon.

Mexico also imports more than 50% of its imports from the US.

More than half of foreign investment in Mexico is US dollars.

 4. As a result of Trump’s threats, Mexico controlled the flow of illegals to the lowest level in a decade.

 5. Trump negotiated the USMCA — United States Mexico Canada Agreement on trade to replace NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

Bottom line, being a strong leader worked for Donald J Trump. AMLO clearly does not think Joe Biden is a strong leader. This socialist son-of-a-bitch thinks he can dictate demands to the American President. WTF?

What went wrong, Big Red Car?

What went wrong, dear reader? How about these things:

 1. Joe Biden was elected President and threw the border wide open and a storm of illegals thundered across the border totaling more than 10,000,000 — those who were caught and the ‘got aways’ — and the Biden admin lost control of the border thereby creating a gigantic shift of power from the US to Mexico.

 2. The Cartels — charging $5-10,000 for border passage and making a bloody fortune — are running the show on the Mexico side of the border and the Biden admin refuses to even classify the Cartels as terrorist organizations. Come on, man.

 3. It’s an election year — more than 100,000 deaths from fentanyl in the US last year — and AMLO knows he has Joe Biden by the nuts and can demand whatever he wants because the electorate considers illegal immigration a top policy issue.

 4. Joe Biden is afraid to rock the boat with Mexico and AMLO knows it. Joe Biden is a weak man and a coward.

What should be done, Big Red Car?

Haha, that’s so bloody obvious.

 1. We are a sovereign nation, let’s act like one by closing off the border by completing The Wall thereby stopping illegal immigration and interdicting the flow of fentanyl.

 2. Declare the Cartels terrorist organizations — just like ISIS — and jawbone AMLO to go after them. We can lend muscle if it gets to that. Treat them just like ISIS. Eradicate them.

 3. Threaten Mexico with gigantic tariffs and taxes on remittances if they don’t hold asylum seekers inside Mexico until their court dates.

 4. Tell AMLO (his term ends in 2024 and he cannot run for re-election) to go to Hell as it relates to Venezuela, Cuba, and amnesty in the United States.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

OK, do all of the above and tell AMLO we are offended by his “summoning” our Secretary of State and the Secretary of Homeland Security to Mexico City to dictate terms.

This will, of course, require some fierceness on the part of the American President — so Biden has to rent a nut sack or we can wait for Trump to win.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.