The FBI/DOJ Dual Justice Systems?

Comes now our brother Hunter Biden who upon being summoned by a legal subpoena from the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee has decided to spurn their request.

Inquiring minds — wildly overthinking things in my view — want to know if Hunter discussed this with The Big Guy as this might give rise to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Brother Hunter was summoned for a private transcribed (under oath) interview by the House Oversight Committee, ably chaired by Congressman James Comer. 

Brother Hunter — in a bit of theater — arrived for his transcribed interview and grandstanded on the steps of the Capitol indicating he would gladly sit for a “public” interview, but the old boy will not stand for a private interview.

“I am here, baby. I didn’t comply with the subpoena, but I am here. Let’s try this in the court of public opinion, shall we? Stop picking on me. I’m the victim here.”

This is, of course, a sticky wicket as one who spurns the demand of a House committee risks a charge of “contempt of Congress” which can result in jail time.

Private transcribed interview v public hearing — what’s the diff, Big Red Car?

Fair play to you, dear reader. Let’s take a crack at it, shall we?

A private transcribed interview in this instance was to be 6-8 hours with the Dems and the Reps splitting the time.

In this manner, the interviewer — often a single Congressman with prosecutor experience or a staffer — can build a painstaking pattern of questions and use any number of documents (talking emails, texts, letters, bank statement, wire transfers, bank accounts) with which to question the interviewee.

The private transcribed interview is similar to a deposition and is given under pain of perjury.

A public hearing is several rounds of questions from a disparate group of Congressmen from both parties. There are 47 members of the committee plus the chairman — all of whom get 5 minutes each in a round robin of alternating party affiliates.

Amongst the members are such intellectual giants, apologists, and obstructionists as Jamie Raskin, AOC, Corey Bush, Rashida Tlaib, and Dan Goldman. There is nobody named Barnum or Bailey, but it would definitely be a circus.

These public hearings quickly devolve into a zoo with the elephants shitting everywhere. People become fatigued and the interviewee stonewalls all the real probing questions.

The media bats cleanup and alters any damning evidence.

In the January 6th committee hearings, all the interviews were initially private and transcribed.

Goose v gander

You will recall the story of one Mr. Peter Navarro, an adviser to President Donald J Trump who was subpoenaed by the Insurrection Committee.

The desperado economics professor Peter Navarro at his most dangerous. Wow!

Navarro was in constant contact with the 6 January committee and informed them that the President directed him to object to an interview because their conversations were barred by the right of Executive Privilege.

The committee did not pursue that matter, but, instead subpoenaed Navarro whose attorney was in immediate and constant contact with the committee pleading the Executive Privilege case. Navarro failed to show for his interview as directed.

The committee refused to engage and referred Navarro to the Department of Justice for “contempt of Congress.”

A grand jury — whilst eating ham sandwiches made by the DOJ — indicted Navarro, and a US Attorney charged Navarro and directed the Federal Bureau of Investigation to arrest Navarro.

So what, Big Red Car?

The so what, dear reader is this:

 1. The FBI arrested Peter Navarro — former professor of economics — at the Reagan Airport as he was boarding a plane to take him to a speech in Nashville. It was clearly intended to be as intrusive, awkward, and disruptive as possible.

The FBI had sat on the warrant for a week during which they could have called Navarro’s attorney and asked him to surrender or come by Navarro’s home.

 2. The FBI took this 72-year-old, slightly balding, grandfatherly economics professor into custody and put him in handcuffs and leg irons. The FBI says they did not use leg irons and that the leg irons were put on him by the US Marshals.

Handcuffs for a white collar misdemeanor? Really?

 3. The FBI — who was simply arresting him — conducted a strip search including searching his anal cavity. WTF were they looking for?

On a charge of contempt of Congress, what does the FBI think a guy has up his ass that is pertinent to that charge? 

 4. The FBI detained him at the airport for six hours and refused to allow him to notify the director of the program in Nashville at which Navarro was headed to speak.

For what possible reason would the FBI detain someone at an airport for six hours? Harassment.

 5. The FBI refused to allow him to call his attorney saying instead they would call him if Navarro would simply give them the name and number of his attorney.

While this seems fine on the surface, the FBI has no right to know that information.

Peter Navarro was charged with a misdemeanor, a white collar crime, and represented no threat to the FBI or the public. They knew he was unarmed and he is not a physically imposing gentleman. Apparently, they also knew he had nothing secreted in his rectum. The guy is a bloody college professor.

Interestingly enough, while Navarro did work for the Trump regime he spent most of his professional years as a registered Democrat or Independent and when he ran for Congress in San Diego, he ran as a Dem and had the endorsement of Hilary Clinton.

When Navarro appeared in court, the Judge inquired as to why the FBI took such stern measures and why they did not follow “normal” procedure which for a white collar misdemeanor was to simply call the man’s lawyer and ask him to present his client for arraignment. The FBI had no answer because there is no justification.

How does this pertain to Hunter, Big Red Car?

Hunter Biden will be charged with the exact same two charges that were levied at Peter Navarro. The exact same two charges.

Will brother Hunter be treated exactly the same as Peter Navarro? Will he be strip searched? Put in handcuffs? Detained for 6 hours? Refused to call his attorney? 

Haha, come on, y’all, play along. Pretend with me. OK?

Hunter is, of course, a known drug user, has been charged with a gun felony, and has been charged with other crimes. He is infinitely more likely to be dangerous than a 72-year-old economics professor who has never been charged with anything.

Sound right to you?

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

In the near future when Hunter Biden is indicted we will find out if the Biden/Garland Department of Justice and the Chris Wray Federal Bureau of Investigation are really part of the Democrat party or legitimate organizations that treat everyone the same.

Navarro, by the way, was convicted at trial, and is awaiting sentencing on 25 January 2024. On similar charges, Steve Bannon — who also defied a subpoena — received a sentence of 4 months.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Have a great weekend.

PS — Hunter Biden in his comments trolling the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability presented himself as the victim of a persecution because he was the President’s son. It was a boffo performance.

He believes he is a martyr unjustly accused and that he will be vindicated. He believes all that he and his Dad have done — the whole influence peddling shtick — is just Father/Son stuff.

The latest iteration of explainage is this: “My pops did not have a direct financial interest in any of my sleazy shakedown schemes.”

Hunter, Dude, you’re not a victim or a martyr. You’re a dope who got caught.