A Word About Immigration At The Southern Border

Today comes word that the Senate Republicans and their colleagues have arrived at a “bill” to cure the problem at the southern border. All hail, Senator Lankford! Even Cocaine Mitch McConnell says it’s “Great!”

Haha, not so fast, y’all.

In the background is our President, Joe Biden, whining the Congress (the Senate and the House) has to act to give him the authority to control the southern border. He says he doesn’t have the authority to¬† control the illegal immigrant onslaught at the border!

Wink, wink!

Haha, like it wasn’t Biden’s plan all along to remove the southern border, eh?

“The bad Republicans won’t give me the authority to deal with the Southern border. Woe is I!”

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The Impeachable Southern Border

Every day illegal immigrants break into the country, are processed by Customs and Border Patrol, and released into the country under the fiction of presenting themselves at some future date to have their case heard before a judge.

Our country provides guidance, healthcare, transportation, food, and money to all of these criminals. Our government facilitates this with your tax money.

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