The FBI/DOJ Dual Justice Systems?

Comes now our brother Hunter Biden who upon being summoned by a legal subpoena from the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee has decided to spurn their request.

Inquiring minds — wildly overthinking things in my view — want to know if Hunter discussed this with The Big Guy as this might give rise to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Brother Hunter was summoned for a private transcribed (under oath) interview by the House Oversight Committee, ably chaired by Congressman James Comer. 

Brother Hunter — in a bit of theater — arrived for his transcribed interview and grandstanded on the steps of the Capitol indicating he would gladly sit for a “public” interview, but the old boy will not stand for a private interview.

“I am here, baby. I didn’t comply with the subpoena, but I am here. Let’s try this in the court of public opinion, shall we? Stop picking on me. I’m the victim here.”

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FBI — Tied Up In Knots Over A Noose

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into the appearance of eight nooses at an Amazon work site in Windsor, Connecticut. Key the threatening background music, please.

The noose is, of course, interpreted as a symbol of racial hatred harkening back to the horrific lynching of black persons with a knotted noose.

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Trusting the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Far away and long ago, my company was the landlord to the FBI’s Austin By God Texas office. This brought me into close contact with the men who worked there. I judged them to be good men.

There are a lot of peculiarities when you build an office for the FBI — wouldn’t be smart for me to discuss them.  You get to know them very well and the way the offices, the conference rooms, the reception area is built teaches you something about how they conduct their business. Amigos, they use a lot of technology. A lot.

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The FBI And Cave Man Tech

One of the things that has come to the fore in listening to the unending saga of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s recent spate of wrongdoing is their horrific failure to use technology to create evidence.

Allow me to describe the problem.

The FBI conducts interviews with suspects — talking the Lt Gen Flynn interview in the White House — and documents those interviews on a handwritten or manually typed FD Form 302.

WTF is a FD Form 302, Big Red Car?

The first thing you need to know is that the FBI forbids recording interviews.

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Carter Page Got Screwed By The FBI

I like to follow the political events in Washington DC. As a macochist, I’ve also read the Department of Justice Inspector General’s 1,000,000 page report on the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) investigation.

I watched the testimony of the Department of Justice’s Inspector General Horowitz. Glutton. For. Punishment.

In case you have been out of the country, a gentleman named Carter Page was the subject of four FISA warrants. A FISA warrant is the product of a secret process wherein the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation apply for the right to investigate an individual when that individual is either a foreign agent or under the influence of a foreign power. You cannot investigate an American citizen unless and only if that person is a foreign agent or under the control of a foreign power.

In this instance, the actual FISA warrant applications said that Carter Page was a Russian agent.

Carter Page is a distinguished Naval Academy graduate — graduated at the top 10% of his class, Trident Scholar — who served honorably as a Navy officer. Page has a Masters in National Security Studies from Georgetown, an MBA from New York University, and a Doctorate from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

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