The FBI/DOJ Dual Justice Systems?

Comes now our brother Hunter Biden who upon being summoned by a legal subpoena from the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee has decided to spurn their request.

Inquiring minds — wildly overthinking things in my view — want to know if Hunter discussed this with The Big Guy as this might give rise to a charge of conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Brother Hunter was summoned for a private transcribed (under oath) interview by the House Oversight Committee, ably chaired by Congressman James Comer. 

Brother Hunter — in a bit of theater — arrived for his transcribed interview and grandstanded on the steps of the Capitol indicating he would gladly sit for a “public” interview, but the old boy will not stand for a private interview.

“I am here, baby. I didn’t comply with the subpoena, but I am here. Let’s try this in the court of public opinion, shall we? Stop picking on me. I’m the victim here.”

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Actual Russian Disinformation

The term Russian Disinformation has been bandied about of late with ZERO credibility, so I thought I might take a second and show you a real example of Russian Disinformation.

Comes now the Russian effort to militarize space. Here is the Russian Disinformation:

 1. Russia and Putin have been running around the globe for years decrying the militarization space. Big alligator tears.


 2. They weep that they want to ban the use of space weapons.

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Cut The Crap — Hunter Biden

Your Big Red Car hasn’t posted a “Cut The Crap” sentiment in a while, so here is one today on Influence Peddling.

Hunter Biden is the son of former Vice President and current seeker of the nomination of the Democrat party Quid Pro Joe Biden. [Please forgive me. I couldn’t help myself. I have never liked Joe Biden. I always thought his Amtrak, the Senator from MBNA shtick was obsequious. I also am very cool on Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, and John McCain.]

Here’s Hunter taking in a basketball game with Dad and a pal of theirs. Who wouldn’t like this guy?

Anyway, unless you have been in some far away place — like the Ukraine, as an example — you probably have heard that Hunter Biden was named to the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company called “We Want Some Influence and Are Willing to Buy It at Full Price.” No, actually the company’s name is Burisma Holdings.

The Big Cheese at Burisma appointed Hunter Biden to the Board of Directors of his company and compensated him at the rate of $50,000 per month for a five year period — that, my friend is what called a “good” side hustle. Biden’s “company” also did some other work directly for the company deriving additional income.

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