Confucius Speaks With Forked Tongue

Beloved readers, China is spying on us whenever and wherever they can. Even President Biden has recently been heard to say, “China is going to eat our lunch!” This was after his recent chat with President Forever Xi of China.

Comes now the Confucius Institutes — Chinese government funded propaganda operations at American colleges and universities — which once totaled as many as 100 but are now down to 75 as college presidents recognize the danger these Chinese government entities represent.

“Haha, you can trust me. I’m Country Joe Confucius. Howdy!”

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Joe Biden Is Coming For Your Guns

The election is over. Joe Biden is our President (he is my President) and he is going to start paying off all the chits he wrote during the election.

One of those chits was putting Beto in charge of gun control — maybe not literally, but figuratively.

I care not a whit about the gun issue, as I think the Second Amendment is dispositive of the matter though it may take going to the Supreme Court to make that stick, but I do think there is room for some common ground.

Will we find it? No. Sorry. Not a chance in Hell.

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The Speech Joe Biden Needs To Give But Never Will

There are no extraordinary men. There are ordinary men who are called to lead in extraordinary times. Today is such a time and Joe Biden has been called to lead.

The simple question is this — can he lead? Can he do what needs to be done?

Right now, the lingua franca is a besotted call for healing and unity, something as likely to happen as me turning dried up leaves on my lawn into gold leaf with a wave of my hand. But, can we hope to hear from our better angels?

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Striking A Blow Against Women

If you are a young woman in either high school or college and are competing in sports, President Biden just struck a blow against fairness in your sport.

It will revolutionize the way that sports for women are managed and how women athletes perform.

In an executive order, the President has taken action such that “gender” may be assigned as the individual desires.

Let me strip that down for you — biological men will be competing in your sports in accordance with the desires of this administration.

From a social perspective, the notion that you may “feel” a way that is inconsistent with your end of the gene pool is not really at contest, but what is at contest here is this:

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Civilian Control Of The Military — Good Idea?

US law (the National Security Act of 1947) requires that a military officer be seven years from active, uniformed service before he can be appointed to serve as Secretary of Defense. That law also provides that Congress can waive that requirement.

What is the waiver all about, Big Red Car?

That waiver has been granted twice in US history.

 1. George Marshall — former Architect of Allied Victory in World War II, five star General of the Armies, Chief of Staff of the US Army, Ambassador (Special Envoy) to China, Secretary of State, President of the American Red Cross — would receive that waiver and go on to save Europe through the efforts of what came to be named the Marshall Plan.

General of the Armies George Catlett Marshall, VMI 1901, the Allies Architect of Victory in World War II as noted by Winston Churchill

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Ranger Regiment To Be Replaced By Social Workers

In a surprise move, President-elect Joe Biden — plain Old Joe from Scranton — announced he is disbanding the US Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment composed of three battalions and replacing them with a gaggle of social workers.

Rangers back from a recent deployment to Afghanistan wherein they killed some 2000 terrorists and Taliban.

Rangers, of course, lead the way when it comes to smoting America’s enemies and are an elite unit with an inspiring combat record in America’s wars since World War II.

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Who Actually Pays Corporate Income Taxes?

I am chatting the other day with a chap in the aftermath of the election and how he sees the implication of future tax increases on the country. He is a smart chap with an MBA from a fine school and he is a wizard businessman, but he is a liberal.

We get focused on the issue of corporate taxes and he says, “I get it that corporations really don’t pay those taxes.” He looks at me with his chin out like he is bluffing at Texas Hold ‘Em and thinks that makes him look confident.

I smile because it is a new thought he has never expressed before, so I say, “How so?” And he explains it thusly.

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A Letter to Joe Biden In Regard to Vaccine Distribution

Don’t be a baby, get the shot.

Dear Joe:

I hope this note finds everything well for you and yours. I keep watching you saying there is no “plan” to inoculate the country with the soon-to-be approved vaccine for COVID.

I thought I would share with you what I have learned doing minimal research on the Internet because, apparently, there is a plan.

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