Words That Need To Be Said — Ukraine No Fly Zone

I had a dream. In it, President Biden was younger, more with it, leaned forward in his saddle, and spoke with conviction.

Our Pentagon was led by men who did not spend their time on white rage and funding transgender sex change operations. They knew their job was to project lethality, to win wars, and to vanquish evil.

We were again the America of George Washington, George Marshall, and we were the beacon of hope, the Arsenal of Democracy, the last, best hope of mankind, and we were the decent people who we are and we stood for and defended freedom wherever it took root. We were prudent, but unafraid because we knew our cause was just and right.

We were the good guys and we were unafraid of that burden.

In a surprise address with only nineteen minutes warning, President Biden spoke from the Oval Office at 7:00 PM on a dark, cold Washington night and said the following:

“My fellow Americans, what is happening in Ukraine right now, the senseless, unprovoked slaughter of children, women, innocents, and the wholesale shelling and bombing of neighborhoods by the nation of Russia ordered by its President Vladimir Putin cannot be allowed to continue.

“This is medieval, Dark Ages behavior wherein one nation invades another, circles its capital, lays siege to it with unspeakable violence, and shells and bombs it into rubble. It will not be allowed in a civilized world.

“Therefore, I have ordered our Air Force to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. As I speak, the US Air Force and other allied NATO air forces have imposed a prohibition against any aircraft from flying within the airspace of Ukraine. Our planes are in the air above Ukraine right now and will stay there until this illegal war is ended.

“This prohibition is absolute and violators will be destroyed. We will pursue aircraft that enter the air space and discharge weapons. There will be no warnings and there will be no hesitation.

“Any Russian or Belarus ground force that fires any shell or missile into an Ukrainian city, a civilian neighborhood, or against civilians in any part of Ukraine will be destroyed by our Air Force and that of our allies. Any Russian weapon within Ukraine that menaces any Ukrainian city will be destroyed. Trucks, tanks, missile launchers, armored personnel carriers — returning to Russia will be granted safe passage.

“We will not violate the airspace of Russia, but we will conduct hot pursuit of any plane that enters the no-fly zone from Russian airspace.

“Mr. Putin, you have said that if the United States or its allies imposes a no-fly zone over Ukraine that it will be considered a belligerent and a participant in your unjust and criminal war. We will take you at your word and we will contest that airspace with the full capabilities of our excellent Air Force. We do not seek war, but we will not shrink from it.

“If you are a man of peace, we will gladly declare a cease fire and debate the issue at the United Nations starting tomorrow at 8:00 AM EST.

“There are times in which good men and women must confront evil where it is and defeat it even when the cost is high. This is such a time.

“Twice in the last two centuries, America has gone to war in Europe against evil enemies who sought to conquer free people with force and we and they prevailed. We will prevail again.

“In one of those wars, we assisted Russia in its fight for freedom. We were once allies, good allies, and we can be again, but not when you invade neighbors without provocation.

“As part of this effort, we are also enacting an embargo on all Russian fossil fuels and the United States, NATO, and our allies will not buy one more barrel of Russian oil nor will we engage in commerce with any nation that does.

“Yours is a small country with a small economy and we will break it. We will reduce the Ruble and your economy as completely as you have destroyed homes and apartment buildings in Ukraine. We will destroy it. You will be disconnected from the global economy and left to fend for yourself until such time as you withdraw your forces from Ukraine.

“To the Russian people, America and Europe know that you did not choose to invade a peaceful neighbor and that your leader, Mr. Putin, is a despot and does not represent the goodness of your hearts. Join us in opposing evil at this dark moment. Show the world that you are not a savage, barbaric country. As soon as the threat passes, we will assist you in rebuilding your economy.

“It is time for the world to choose sides. All of the civilized world is arrayed against Putin and we will continue to act in concert to excise this evil. Mr. Putin, the world is joined against you. Know that you cannot possibly prevail.

“God bless Ukraine, God bless NATO, God bless our allies, God bless the Russian people, and God bless America. We will prevail against this evil. Thank you.”

I want to hear those words. It is time to hear those words.

Putin is a punk and like all punks he will have to be removed and defeated. If we do not stop this in Ukraine, then we will be confronted with the same evil in the Baltics or Poland. Putin will continue to test the Biden admin as they view it as weak.

A free people must fight to retain freedom. Are we ready to fight?


“Get in the game, America. You are a powerful nation. Do the right thing before it is too late. Do not let this happen again.”