Germany Goes To War – Tanks For The Ammunition

Recently, Germany played the reluctant, virginial, arranged marriage, trembling bridesmaid on the eve of her wedding being coy about slipping out of her knickers and approving the transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine from other countries as well as from Germany.

If you buy a Leopard, unlike if you buy a BMW or a Mercedes, the Germans must approve any subsequent transfer. Seems a bit silly, but you play them the way they lay.

After prolonged sweaty foreplay and heavy breathing, and extracting a promise the Americans would send their lovely Abrams tanks to the deb ball, Germany finally drew its skirt over its head and delivered the permission and one hopes the Leopards are soon running free and wild incinerating Orc tanks. Continue reading


Russia Admits Defeat In Ukraine?

Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia and Putin stooge of long standing, made an odd admission yesterday.

Dimi said that Russia would use nukes if they were to lose the war in Ukraine.

It is hard to read this any other way than an admission of future defeat for Russia.

Medvedev, who used to be a “liberal” interested in bringing Russia kicking and screaming into the modern world and developing healthy relations with Europe and the US, has become the designated spokesman for Russia’s persistent threats of nuclear obliteration.

It was Dimi who threatened Finland and Sweden there would be huuuuuuge consequences if they joined NATO. Yawn.

He is Putin’s best boy, so the message has to be seriously considered, but the words say something entirely different. The Russians are preparing themselves for defeat.

Dimi and Vlad in an intimate moment discussing murdering innocent civilians in Ukraine.

What’s odd about this, Big Red Car?

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Palantir And Artificial Intelligence (?) Go To War In Ukraine

On New Years Day the Ukrainians struck a school in Makiivka the Russians used to house up to 500 soldiers. It was well behind the FEBA (forward edge of the battle area, the line of contact).

From Russian sources — meaning these are Russia’s numbers — the four projectile HIMARS attack resulted in substantial Russian casualties: 90 KIA and 300 WIA. I suspect they are greater.

How did the Ukrainians do this, Big Red Car?

Well, the answer is a tour de force on how a much smaller, scrappy nation can fight a much larger nation by using technology to create a meaningful advantage.

There is a distinct possibility the Ukrainians will emerge from this conflict as a tech war super power.

Palantir – who is Palantir?

File:Palantir Technologies logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

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Martial Law, Mobilization, and Nuclear Madness

Vladimir Putin — a name that will live in the infamous company of Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini forever — declared martial law in the four faux provinces of Ukraine he annexed. In addition, eight surrounding areas are in a state of “economic mobilization.”

This is as much for Russian public consumption as anything else. He is softening up the Russian public for a sterner step — the declaration of a complete mobilization and an all out war.

He has cast off the fake coat of a “special military operation” and has mobilized his army for a protracted war whilst he continues to play at nuclear brinksmanship.

What does it all mean?

Disney movie baddie Putin struts his little self into a clown show imperial setting to pretend Russia’s economy is not 25% smaller than Italy’s.

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Putin – The Nuclear Noose Tightens – BOOM!

Putin will order the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine before the the end of October. Allow me to lay out the case for why it happens.

How did we get here, Big Red Car?

The time line looks like this:

 1. Putin began to move troops onto the border of Ukraine on 21 February 2021, less than a month after Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day. Putin said these soldiers, airborne troopers, were there to “conduct exercises.”

 2. On 30 August 2021, the United States conducted its incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan exposing its feckless leadership and dwindling resolve.

Russia watched carefully and Putin rubbed his hands in glee sensing the Americans (and by association, NATO) were vulnerable. Continue reading


Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Theater

Today in New York, the United Nations Security Council meets to discuss Russian war crimes in Ukraine. This will be a circus.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine more than 5,000 Ukrainian civilians are dead at Russian hands. These are not soldiers killed in fighting; these are innocent civilians killed by Russian attacks on civilian targets. Continue reading