Civilian Control Of The Military — Good Idea?

US law (the National Security Act of 1947) requires that a military officer be seven years from active, uniformed service before he can be appointed to serve as Secretary of Defense. That law also provides that Congress can waive that requirement.

What is the waiver all about, Big Red Car?

That waiver has been granted twice in US history.

 1. George Marshall — former Architect of Allied Victory in World War II, five star General of the Armies, Chief of Staff of the US Army, Ambassador (Special Envoy) to China, Secretary of State, President of the American Red Cross — would receive that waiver and go on to save Europe through the efforts of what came to be named the Marshall Plan.

General of the Armies George Catlett Marshall, VMI 1901, the Allies Architect of Victory in World War II as noted by Winston Churchill

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Stopping To Find The Joy In The Storm

I recently had a Chairwoman of the Board client, one of my favorite clients (equally brilliant husband is a former client), cancel a meeting. She is a delight to work with so I miss it when she cancels.

Her reason was that it had snowed in Madrid and she had small children who needed to build a snowman as it did not ever snow in Madrid.

Actual Madrid snowman

[It ended up snowing more than three feet in Madrid, so if she hadn’t chosen that early moment to build a snowman, it would not have happened. As in life, timing is everything.]

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The Bad Biden Policy Begins — Keystone XL Pipeline

In less than 46 hours, we will have a peaceful transition of power as Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States.

He will be my President. I will not riot, demonstrate, conduct a coup, cry, wail, march up and down the street with a sign that says “Not My President”, and I will not demand his impeachment today — or, likely, ever. Not my style.

I will extend to him every courtesy of his high and difficult office as if I were interfacing with the entire 80MM persons who put him there. I will be respectful also to the 75MM Americans who did not want him. I will be a respectful, adult Big Red Car.

I have prayed that God grant him the grace to deal well with his momentous duties. I will continue to pray for him.

I will focus solely on policy. In my critique of Mr. Biden’s presidency, I will applaud those policies which I think are good for the country and I will boo those policies I do not think are good for the country.

Today, I learned of a policy initiative which President-elect Biden intends to put into practice immediately upon taking office.

President Biden Will Cancel the $9Bn Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

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Words Do NOT Matter

Bit of clickbait in that title, but allow me to translate. Of late, we are struggling with words to describe disturbances in both the Force and in the public square. To take the suspense out of it — I condemn both of them.

Allow me to compare two different happenstances:

 1. The “peaceful protests” of BLM/Antifa on the West Coast and Upper Midwest this summer after the George Floyd trigger; and,

BLM/Antifa peaceful protest, rally in Minneapolis in 2020. NOT A RIOT. Do not get too close to those peaceful flames.

 2. The post-election “not so peaceful protests” at the Capitol last week.

They are decidedly different, no?

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The White Underbelly Of Work From Home — WFH

As we begin to contemplate a post-Pandemic world the air is awash with musings as to how WFH is going to become the new normal (God, I hate that phrase). There is no doubt that we have all discovered some interesting things about how we can or cannot work from home.

Please know that in comparison to the rest of the world, the American worker works longer hours than any competitor country. Whenever I recite that figure, I wonder how we are including the Chinese.

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Drive By Impeachment

Today, the 44th day of December 2020, the House of Representatives, led by the 80-year-0ld, newly re-elected, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, is conducting a drive by impeachment of the POTUS Donald J Trump.

“We couldn’t get COVID relief done in 8 months (wink, wink), but we can get impeachment done in a week, right?”

We are seven days from the inauguration of Joe Biden as POTUS whereafter the healing and the uniting will begin in earnest.

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Blizzard of 2021 Austin By God Texas

We had a blizzard this week. It was gigantic and it was threatening. We were snowed in.

We had massive drifts of snow triggering harsh reactions.

Today, it is 60F +/- and winter is over for the year.

But, it was Hell on wheels whilst it lasted.

But, hey, what Hell do I really snow anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car — brrrrrr!