The Texas Stock Exchange

The creation of a new “CEO friendly” and “un-woke” stock exchange to challenge the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ has been festering for some time, but TXSE Group recently announced publicly its plans to apply to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for permission to operate a stock exchange in Dallas with a launch date in 2026.

The United States formerly had a number of regional stock exchanges, but since 2000 most of those regional exchanges have been bought up or merged with the NYSE or NASDAQ. The Texas Stock Exchange (founding CEO James Lee, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2001, President Houston Symphony Endowment, financial advisory guy, a financial player, nobody’s huckleberry) would be a new entrant in what had been a collapsing industry. Continue reading


Donald J Trump – Prison Time?

Having blown the call on the verdict, I now bring coals to Newcastle and ask, “Does the Judge give Trump prison time?”

Chastened as I am about the shortage of common sense in New York, I am inclined to believe the judge plays out the entire Get Trump string and gives him a stint in Rikers.

[To be sentenced to Risker Island — one of the shittiest prisons on the planet — a felon has to receive a minimum sentence of one year.] Continue reading


Ukraine War Escalation Or Not?

The Biden admin recently announced it would no longer compel Ukraine to limit its use of American supplied long range armaments (capable of flinging hot iron 190 miles down range) to its own country. Translated: Ukraine can now use American ATACMS to strike targets — only certain targets — inside Russia.

Russia, of course, has no restriction on using their weapons to strike Ukraine anywhere and everywhere.

MGM-140 ATACMS firing M-39 missile with range of either 103 or 190 miles from an M270  MLRS launcher.

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Trump Trial Verdict

Today the closing arguments will be completed in the New York City show trial of Donald J Trump, former President of the United States and current presumptive nominee of the Republican Party as its candidate for re-election to his former job.

An innocent 4 year old Donald J Trump

After closing arguments, the judge will instruct the jury as to its charge to deliberate and decide the charges against Donald Trump.

Then, the jury will begin and conclude its deliberations. Continue reading


Is Everyone In California High Or Stupid?

This is one of those blog posts that writes itself — free government-provided, taxpayer-funded alcohol for homeless alcoholics — but first I had to confirm what I had heard was correct. Let me launch into it.

Homelessness is not a pretty picture, especially in California and San Francisco. San Francisco claims it is now enjoying a 10-year low in homeless sleeping unprotected on the streets.

That statistic is subject to a lot of conjecture and ridicule, but meanwhile the stats for California writ large are an increase of 30,000 homeless. Even the governor admits to that.

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Bring On The Presidential Debates

We are less than six months from Election Day (still several lifetimes from the actual election) and early voting begins in some states as early as September (Virginia as an example). I always think the election really begins the day after Labor Day.

The Biden campaign issued a letter proposing two debates with the first one as soon as next month. Here are the high points of the Biden proposal.

 1. Only two debaters — Presidents Biden and Trump and no Robert F Kennedy Jr or other third party candidates

 2. Two debates, no more, to be moderated by a media outfit such as CNN, but no Fox News, using only existing personnel, no drop ins

 3. In studio only, no audience or expressive crowds to lend earthy responses to the candidates — a debate with no audience, really?

 4. Microphones that shut off when the candidate’s allotted time expires

 5. No involvement with the Commission on Presidential Debates Continue reading


Joe Biden’s Chinese Tariffs — I Approve This Action

I usually disagree with all of Joe Biden’s economic policies which is the reason I am caught so off guard by one that I approve of: tariffs on a range of Chinese goods.

Chinese – US trade has grown substantially since the 2001 inclusion of China in the World Trade Organization, a strategic blunder in my view as it has primarily benefited China at the expense of the US.

In that admission, the Chinese agreed to market access to China for foreign manufacturers, protections for intellectual property, and transparency around trade laws and regulations. None of this materialized.

BTW, the US has only had “normalized” relations with the People’s Republic of China, the Red Chinese, the Communists, since 1979. Continue reading


Your Car Is Spying On You

Since the 1970s, cars have had a computer as part of their basic kit. It began as an attempt to diagnose engine issues and has grown since then.

In the last few years, new cars have collected massive amounts of data on you, your driving habits, and derivative data created by assessing the original data.

In the excitement of purchasing a new car, buyers never notice they are signing all kinds of data releases that authorize this conduct. Continue reading