What Budget Deal?

Big Red Car here.  Started out very sunny this morning but where did the sun go, ya’ll?  Oh well, on Monday it’s back to the 70s.

On Earth as it is in Texas?

So The Boss is getting an earful from his budget geek friend and they get to talking about the budget deal and what it does — which they both quickly decide is NOTHING.

What is does not do is even more important — it does not decrease discretionary spending, it does not even touch entitlements, it does not respect the sequester spending limitations, it does not get us any closer to a balanced budget and it does not reduce the long term deficit.  It does NOTHING.  Sorry.

You may pick whichever party you want to blame because they are both joined at the hip on this stinker.  Just for grins, here’s what the S E Q U E S T E R — the scary, scary sequester was supposed to do.  Yes, Old Sport, not bloody much.  Can you say head fake?

Of course, we had been promised future entitlement cuts for prior revenue — you know revenue as TAXES, Old Sport — but then the entitlement cuts failed to appear and everyone has forgotten about them.  Face it, this administration and the Democrats are not going to reduce entitlements EVER.  EVER.  EVER.

Bit of humor for you.  But you already got the picture, right?

What the Republicans do hope is that this DEAL will keep the focus on the OBAMAcare meme through the 2014 elections and thereby provide a bit of leverage to tip the Senate Republican and keep the House Republican.  The Senate Democrats running for re-election in vulnerable states are already throwing OBAMAcare under the bus.

My personal favorite is Senator Mary Landrieu — a Democrat and reliable ally of the President — who throws the President under her particular Cajun bus thusly.  Kind of funny really.

 I don’t think Senator Landrieu, who started out aggressively defending OBAMAcare and her vote to enact it, is as enthusiastic about OBAMAcare today as she was in the past.  Will the voters in Louisiana forgive her?  She certainly hopes so.

Something tells the Big Red Car that President Obama may not be campaigning for Senator Mary down in Louisiana any time soon.  What do you think, dear readers?

So, there you have it, my friends.  Business as usual in Washington, DC.  Every Governor in the United States has to balance their budget annually.  But the United States of America apparently cannot.

I suggest a new law — no budget, no balanced budget, no right to run for re-election.  [That’s just mean, Big Red Car, mean.  Haha, well damn it, then the Big Red Car’s a mean son of a bitch.  Haha.]

But, hey what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.  Naughty or nice?  Naughty, you know it.



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