Mitt Romney — the Most Dangerous Republican

Mitt Romney unloaded on the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, the other day in a manner which savages the chances of the Republicans winning the White House.

Not content with having lost the 2012 election, he is now trying to duplicate that feat in 2016.

Let’s honest here — every utterance that Mitt made could have come from the tongue of Hillary Clinton. No?

Who is this Mitt Romney anyway and why is he so angry?

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Big Red Car Scores Donald Trump Interview

Big Red Car here. Another lovely Texas summer day. I wish you could be here to enjoy it. It is glorious. But, then, it IS Austin by God Texas, y’all!

So I finally got an interview with The Donald. He dropped by Austin and I drove out to the airport — where he was refueling his great big jet with his great big name on it — and we chatted in a hangar.

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Why Trump? Oh My!

Big Red Car here, y’all. So there’s a debate amongst the Republican legion on Thursday. The top ten candidates are in the varsity debate while the balance are forced to eat at the kids’ table with the rest of the junior varsity.

So The Donald is number one in the polls. How can that possibly be right? Yes, you are asking yourself exactly that.

Aren’t we supposed to believe that The Donald is a buffoon and has no real chance of winning the Republican nomination? Who are these idiots who think otherwise?

Okkaaaaaaaay! The Donald Trump!

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