Trump Revealed — Churlish, Boorish? OMG!

Big Red Car here. What a day in the ATX! Hot, sunny, flesh tanning bright!

So, last Thursday, we had a revelation. Were you watching?

It turns out that The Donald is churlish and boorish. The world, apparently, did not know this and the revelation was stark and informative.

Here’s the real news flash — The Donald’s boorishness and churlishness has been priced into his popularity since the beginning.

It is not news. If you were surprised to learn this on Thursday — you need to get out a little more, y’all.

The Donald is not likely to be the Republican nominee. Do not fret about that.

But, if you just found out he can be boorish, churlish, a bit self-aggrandizing (great word, no?), and mean — again, more info for you.

The Donald — “the” freakin’ Donald Trump — will bounce upward in the polls while the Republican establishment decides how to deal with him.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car! Pay attention, y’all. It’s happening out there.

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  1. I’m beginning to form some opinions about The Donald’s (TD’s) strategy and tactics in six points:

    (1) Nice Guy.

    Sometimes TD is just a nice guy, courteous considerate. E.g., there is a video clip

    from fashion designer Nicole Miller who told a story about how she was a judge in one of TD’s beauty contests and got a ride to the competition on his plane — TD was a nice guy.

    (2) Negotiating.

    As we know from a TD book, many of his statements, etc., he likes to negotiate. So, maybe he likes to look a few moves ahead and, at the start, posture to establish a base line or a ground state from which to start the real negotiations.

    (3) Counter-punch.

    TD has said that if someone hits him, then he will “counter-punch”, i.e., hit back.

    So, maybe his counter-punching is in part part of his negotiating techniques: In a negotiation, can have the other side throw punches. So, part of his negotiating techniques is to establish early on that, is someone throws a punch at him, then he throws two punches back. So, soon in the negotiation, no punching.

    Maybe the next time the Fox News people ask TD some questions, they will be basically fair, at least not throw punches.

    While there can be a lot to media management for Trump, in particular he does not intend to smile while the media lashes him to the mast and whips him with a cat of nine tails as a spectacle to get ad revenue.

    (4) Serious and No BS.

    TD wants to look serious, maybe, e.g., like Patton did, and like he won’t put up with BS for much longer than two seconds.

    So, this way, in part he gets people afraid to irritate him and trying harder to be nice.

    (5) Power — No Begging.

    He wants to have and establish in everyone’s mind, right at the beginning, that he has a position of power, strength. So, he doesn’t want to look like he’s begging. So, he’s quite ready to be serious, counter-punch, take no BS, etc.

    He hopes that after he has established this position he will get more serious interactions, fewer punches, and less BS.

    (6) The Press.

    TD knows that the press is an important part of a political campaign.

    And he knows that the press can have some agendas:

    (A) Be partisan, e.g., conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, business friendly, etc.

    (B) Distort or misrepresent reality to create a story or controversy, hopefully on-going; the main goal is attention, eyeballs, and ad revenue.

    (C) Try to get status and prestige by erecting themselves as arbiters, filters, and judges of candidates for public office.

    (D) To raise interest, be dramatic.

    So, TD has to handle the press. Here he has three main points of strategy:

    (i) Preempt.

    Right away assert that the press is often dishonest, nonobjective, incompetent, etc. That is, start off angry with the press. So, let the press know that he’s really serious, not eager to play nice, is ready to counter-punch, and won’t take any BS.

    (ii) Counter-punch.

    When the press starts to treat him badly, throw punches, distort what he says, etc., then right away counter-punch.

    (iii) Be Outrageous, e.g., Churlish, Boorish, Politically Incorrect.

    Partly this behavior is a baited hook for the press.

    So, right away this behavior gets TD some press attention.

    Then, the press really takes the bait and starts to throw punches.

    Then TD gets some of what he wants — an opportunity to claim that the press has been unfair to him and get attention, to counter-punch and get attention, and to teach the press a lesson and make the press more agreeable in the future.

    Apparently the fighting started with TD’s claim that Mexico was sending the US “rapists”. So, the press punched, and TD punched back.

    Then McCain threw a punch, his “crazies”. TD punched back. The interviewer Luntz punched, and TD punched back. The press deliberately misquoted what TD said, and TD punched back.

    From these exchanges, one might guess that the voters would reject TD, and TD would fall in the polls. Instead, the voters were at least interested, and TD rose in the polls, spectacularly.

    (iv) Make Ambiguous Statements.

    TD likes to make statements that the press can easily reinterpret, misinterpret, distort, etc. to throw punches at Trump, to get attention, to look like arbiters, filters, and judges of candidates for public office.

    Then TD gets to get attention by accusing the press of distortion, by counter-punching, and by issuing a clarification that makes the controversy die down and TD come out not guilty.


    We can apply the six points above:

    Each of the two major parties has become entrapped in their orthodoxy which causes them to avoid addressing reality.

    It’s as if most of the rich donors wanted a Bush-Clinton race, give to both, be able to get favors from whichever one wins, and, then, not really care who wins.

    A big example has become immigration: For the immigration mess to have gone this far, basically the leadership of both of the parties has to have long liked the situation — e.g., the Democrats want the immigrants to vote but not work, and the Republicans want the immigrants to work but not vote.

    Then on immigration, each of the parties has some talking points, catechism, etc. In the debate, Bush gave one of those: He went with, first build a wall. Well, then, as the history shows, apparently, deliberately, quietly don’t build a wall and, thus, don’t do anything. Bush could essentially have been replaced by the IBM Watson computer that just read from collected speeches of mainstream Republican candidates.

    So, TD saw that a lot of voters are very concerned about the immigration issue, very much don’t like the talking points, catechism, and do nothing of the leadership of the two main parties, and want to address the issue. So, TD comes out to meet this need.

    Then TD will be in line to receive a lot of punches.

    E.g., near the end of the movie Moneyball, from John W. Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox, to Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, at the end of Beane’s quite successful first season using the statistical lessons of Moneyball, there is a good statement:

    I know you’re taking it in the teeth out there, but the first guy through the wall, he always gets bloody. Always.

    This is threatening not just a way of doing business, but in their minds, it’s threatening the game. Really, what it’s threatening is their livelihood, their jobs. It’s threatening the way that they do things.

    Every time that happens, whether it’s a government, a way of doing business, whatever it is, the people who are holding the reins, they have their hands on the switch, they go batshit crazy.

    I mean, anybody who’s not tearing their team down right now and rebuilding it using your model, they’re dinosaurs. They’ll be sitting on their ass on the sofa in October watching the Boston Red Sox win the World Series.

    So, now, TD is “taking it in the teeth”, and the MSM and Republican Party leadership are going “batshit crazy”.

    And as TD takes “it in the teeth” and they go “batshit crazy”, TD will get more attention in the media and support from his target audience and rise further in the polls.

    And, “They’ll be sitting on their ass on the sofa in” November watching TD win the White House.

    And TD won’t owe any favors to any donors; he will be darned serious; if you punch him, he will counter-punch twice as hard; he won’t take any BS; and he’ll negotiate hard and get good stuff done.

    • .
      Truly extraordinary analysis. Very well done.

      There is no reason why everything you say is not correct.

      The Republican establishment doesn’t like Trump for an obvious reason — they can’t control him.

      If Trump is still on top of the polls come the next debate in the middle of September, then it is a whole new ballgame.



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