The Vaccines Are Coming At Warp Speed

We have been greeted with good news of late — two vaccines, both built on an mRNA model, meaning an engineered solution rather than a dead vaccine model — will apply shortly for an Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Agency based on the successful completion of Phase 3, large scale (44,000 persons) trials and the attendant data with both showing an efficacy rate of 95%.

Efficacy rates, Big Red Car?

To put that 95% number into perspective, know that the common flu vaccine has an efficacy rate of 40-60% — meaning it shelters 40-60% of Americans who receive the shot from the flu.

So, the 95% efficacy rate for the engineered model is quite extraordinary.

American health officials required a 50% efficacy rate, had hoped for 60-70%, and are deliriously happy at 95%.

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Operation Warp Speed

It takes 6-10 years to develop a new vaccine from scratch.

Ebola broke out in 2014. Vaccine development commenced. The vaccine was approved in December 2019.

Comes now Operation Warp Speed in which the Trump admin is trying to use advanced management techniques (and some risk tolerance) to urge the private sector to develop a vaccine for COVID19.

The usual cast of characters came out of the woodwork and said, “Can’t be done. Will take at least five years.”

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From Whence Comes the COVID19 Vaccine?

Happy Easter, world. He has risen.

In much the same way that Christ came to life on Easter, there are those who are working hard to develop a vaccine for COVID19 to preserve our lives.

We hear about this, but I never get the details. So, I researched several promising efforts and want to share one with you.



On 3 March 2020, the President and CEO of Inovio, Dr. J Joseph Kim shared his company’s plans to develop a vaccine (INO-4800) for the treatment of COVID 19. He called it an “accelerated plan.”

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