Fear V Danger — Perspective

Fear is an emotion. Scary things create fear. How we deal with fear and scary things is within our control. Sometimes, it takes real will power to control fear and to  deal with scary things.

Dealing with scary things is part of adulting. Not everybody is good at adulting. Not everybody wants to be good at adulting. Life is a swirl of choices. One of those choices is to be an adult about scary things.

Danger is a measure of risk. What is dangerous to one person — jumping out of an airplane, as an example — is not dangerous to another person. It is an acquired sense. You can mitigate danger through prudent action.

If you are a startup CEO/founder on your first company, everything is dangerous, risky, scary, and fills you with dread — fear. Sorry, that is normal.

If you are a startup CEO/founder on your sixth company, you are perfectly comfortable with the danger — yawn, been there, done that, hold my beer, on second thought go get me another beer — whilst it is not nearly as risky on No 6 as No 1, and it is not scary and you have no sense of fear.

You have learned how to deal with these two impostors — hat tip to Rudyard Kipling and that beauty of a poem, IF. Well played, Rudyard.

Glad I could be of service, Big Red Car, you lyrical bastard.

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COVID19 Reopening Facts

Long ago, I opined that the United States was facing 50 individual fights as it relates to COVID19.

Fifty Fights — COVID19 War

Now, I opine there will be a like number of “re-openings.” They will be guided by the facts. Let me use a couple of examples.

These numbers are for the time period 2-1-2010 to 5-1-2020. This is three months. These are CDC numbers comparing New York City versus the State of Texas.

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Japan Abandons China

Relations between Japan and China have always been dicey since before World War II, so a new development between them is not a huge surprise.

The nature of the development in this instance is.

Japan has funded a program — as part of its COVID19 economic stimulus package — to financially support companies who move their manufacturing from China back to Japan.

In addition, the program also supports companies who move their manufacturing from China to another Asian country whose main qualification is — Not Made In China.

This comes on the heels of a very simple impetus — the realization of how much Japanese manufacturing had moved from Japan to China.

Why did they move in the first place you ask? Cheap labor. Cheap cost of finished goods because of the cheap labor, prison labor, child labor, lower environmental standards (if any at all), and cheaper materials.

Japan acted pretty damn quick. No wasted time.

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Unmasking China

The world wants to know what exactly China knew about its most recent gift to the world — the virus that creates COVID19.

What did China know and when did they know it; and, why didn’t they  tell us?

China is bristling at all the attention. President Trump recently indicated his unhappiness with China for their failure to be forthcoming on the subject and said there would be consequences, but not until COVID19 has run its course.

Since before President Trump announced his candidacy in 2016, Donald J Trump has been a skeptic and a critic when it comes to China. It appears he was correct on all things pertinent to China.

We have a clear indication of the Chinese attitude when delving into their recent dialogue with Australia.

Australia and China are keen trading partners with more than 25% of Australian exports going to China. Australia annually sells China $235,000,000,000 of coal, iron ore, wine, beef, tourism and tertiary education.

Chinese tourists love Australia with more than 772,000 Chinese visiting Australia, staying on average 43 nights, and spending more than $12,000,000,000.

The second highest number of travelers come from New Zealand. These 534,000 New Zealanders spent on average 10 days and $2,600,000,000.

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The Doolittle Raid and COVID19

On 18 April 1942 — today is 18 April, y’all — sixteen B-25B Mitchell bomber aircraft flew off the deck of the USS Hornet and conducted a bombing raid on Tokyo. The raid was militarily insignificant, but it sent a message to the Japanese. America was in the fight — four months after Pearl Harbor — and intended to take the fight to their capital.

My father told me it was an enormous boost to American morale. He was in the Army and the Army was getting ready to go to war in North Africa on 8 November 1942 with the Operation Torch landings.

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Moving Home

We are approaching 15% unemployment in the country, maybe 20% on the horizon before the economy gets lit again. Call it the Temporary COVID19 Unemployment Wave. 

Not going to last forever. There are therapeutics on the horizon, a vaccine. Life will return, but there will be some lean days until it does.

You may have to relocate to find a new job? Start thinking about that now.

Austin postcard

It is, unfortunately, real. If you are one of those who is without a job, take a second, take a deep breath, and, then, whisper — “Hey, maybe I need to move home.”

No, I don’t mean you should move in with the parental units. No, I mean it is time for you to make a decision, chart a new course, to pick the spot where life is waiting for you, and you are going to thrive.

Flick a booger in the COVID19 eyes and get yours. It is time to move home, y’all.

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The Post COVID19 World Will Be Different?

I have been mulling the post COVID19 world as this matter continues to evolve. I have been reading a lot of others’ opinions, many of whom I respect and several of whom I despise — but one has to build a base of knowledge, right?

So, here are some thoughts.

This COVID19 Thing Will End

Just to be clear, there will be an end to this COVID19 affliction. Yes, there will.

There will be ingrained better hygiene practices (says the chap on his 16,393rd hand washing since 1 Mar 2020), some therapeutics, and a vaccine.

There will be multiple vaccines and the whole vaccine thing will be integrated with the flu vaccine of which 170MM Americans got the needle this flu season. [I got mine at Costco from a guy who had been to school to learn how to do it. Free.]

COVID19 will become like polio — something we figured out, but which was very dangerous. Dr Jonas Salk, University of Pittsburg, talking to you, amigo.

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Governors v POTUS Duties

The country has been treated to a civics lesson demonstrating that individual states are run by duly elected governors and not the wise men in Washington, DC.

With the advent of COVID19, governors have emerged as the leaders tasked to run their states in accordance with how this really works. Governors are elected to run their states.

This is a novel idea for the media and the general population who look to Washington, DC as the font of all power. It is a natural mistake given the nature of “news” — even fake news — coverage.

Allow me to use a small example of how this works in life real:

New York, governed by Democrat Andrew Cuomo, issued a “stay-at-home” order when there were 7,000 verified cases of COVID19.

California, governed by Democrat Gavin Newsome, issued a “stay-at-home” order when there were 675 verified cases of COVID19.

I am not grading this decision, but simply noting that two fairly situated governors pulled the trigger at two entirely different times as it related to the reality of the case load.

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