Non-Competes Are Dead?

Comes now the Federal Trade Commission with a new self-generated rule (meaning not the result of Congressional legislation) killing non-competes in the workplace except for senior employees making more than $151,164 — no idea what that number comes from — and who are part of the employers’ policy making process.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Eat Jobs

And, so it begins with the announcement by Google (they want y’all to call them “Alphabet” but I refuse to comply) of its elimination of 30,000 jobs on the heels of a previous reduction of 12,000 jobs.These jobs are being eaten by artificial intelligence. Google is quick to explain it is not just because they can eliminate jobs due to the implementation of artificial intelligence within their own processes, but also because they are refocusing their attention on AI and therefore throwing other initiatives overboard. Continue reading


The Generation Z Worker Challenge

The Gen Z worker presents a challenge to employers particularly startups and small businesses.

First, let’s define our terms:

Generation Z workers are 25 and younger

Millennials are 26 – 41

Gen X workers are 42 – 57

Boomers II are 58 – 67

Boomers I are 68 – 76 Continue reading


Quiet Quitting

Once the folks have left the farm and seen Paris, it is hard to get them back in the traces. During the pandemic — which is officially over, right? — the work force got used to working from home.

WFH had huge real and perceived benefits: no commute, no cost to commute, no commute stress, no time lost in commuting, pajamas, improved work-life balance meaning you could jam personal time into company time, and a sense of control over things.

WFH also extracted huge costs in the employer – employee relationship.
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Ghosting — An Economic Indicator

Big Red Car here in the wet and gray ATX reading the Beige Book.

Oh, you don’t read the Beige Book? How quaint.

The Beige Book is the Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions authored by individual Federal Reserve Districts.

The Chicago District had a mention of “ghosting.”

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Recruiting v Hiring

Big Red Car here on a day with brilliant sunshine, bit of a chill, and off to church to pray for all of us. Glorious Sunday!

So, the other day we were talking with some overcaffeinated CEOs about hiring.

One point that was left off was the utilization of recruiting as a part of the hiring mindset.

Image result for images of lions

This is you with a candidate in recruiting mode. You are a beast, the King of the Jungle. But, hey, you knew that, right?

When the lion lays down with the lamb, the lamb is not going to get much sleep. Recruitment, back on topic.

Stop — recruiting is different than hiring.

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