Moving Home

We are approaching 15% unemployment in the country, maybe 20% on the horizon before the economy gets lit again. Call it the Temporary COVID19 Unemployment Wave. 

Not going to last forever. There are therapeutics on the horizon, a vaccine. Life will return, but there will be some lean days until it does.

You may have to relocate to find a new job? Start thinking about that now.

Austin postcard

It is, unfortunately, real. If you are one of those who is without a job, take a second, take a deep breath, and, then, whisper — “Hey, maybe I need to move home.”

No, I don’t mean you should move in with the parental units. No, I mean it is time for you to make a decision, chart a new course, to pick the spot where life is waiting for you, and you are going to thrive.

Flick a booger in the COVID19 eyes and get yours. It is time to move home, y’all.

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Austin — Tech Pros Love It

OK, so you are probably getting tired of your Big Red Car touting Austin, but allow me one more bit of apple polishing, may I?

Austin By God Texas has been identified as THE MOST DESIRABLE CITY for a tech pro to work in the United States.

Plus, you can swim at Barton Springs and swim laps in its 65F water temp, 1/8th mile length. Ahh, Austin!

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Austin — the best place to live in the galaxy

It comes as no surprise to Austinites that US News & World Report has picked Austin By God Texas as the “best place in the galaxy to live” for the third year in a row.

Don’t take my word for it. Here it is.

US News & World Report — best cities report¬†

USNWR graded cities based on coolness, the handsomeness and beauty of its citizens, their wisdom and charm and just all around goodness. Austin won. Again. And again.

Meanwhile Austin is seeing low unemployment of the 2.2% variety. Jobs are plentiful, but the work force is stretched tight which means wages are headed upward.

Still, when you get down to it, Austin is just a typical college town with a level of live music and hipness that boggles the mind. Plus, we have Whole Foods.

Did I mention 66F Barton Springs? Yes, we have good swimming next to downtown. Cold water. Refreshing like a Big Gulp.

Image result for images barton springs austin

So, if you live in Chicago or New York or California — I’m leaving a welcome packet for you at the airport. Come on down.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. 2.2% unemployment and Barton Springs — this is you, babe. Trust me.