Ukraine War Escalation Or Not?

The Biden admin recently announced it would no longer compel Ukraine to limit its use of American supplied long range armaments (capable of flinging hot iron 190 miles down range) to its own country. Translated: Ukraine can now use American ATACMS to strike targets — only certain targets — inside Russia.

Russia, of course, has no restriction on using their weapons to strike Ukraine anywhere and everywhere.

MGM-140 ATACMS firing M-39 missile with range of either 103 or 190 miles from an M270  MLRS launcher.

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Pepsi (And You?) Support The Russian Killing Machine?

I am not a huge commercial boycott supporter as it relates to social media and wokeness, but war is different and this story of Pepsi’s behavior in Russia merits your most thoughtful consideration. I draw no conclusions and challenge you to evaluate the information and decide for yourself.

Ramon Laguarta, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, Pepsico, $28.4MM total compensation 2023

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The Massive Russian Misinformation/Disinformation Campaign

Russia is a little country in economic terms with a GDP that is dwarfed by Italy. It is not a technologically advanced nation with most of its manufacturing expertise having been imported.

It is not unfair to say Russia is a little gas station owned by China and India.

Given the recent avalanche of Russian misinformation, one would think they are winning the war and their economy is booming!

That is simply not the case.

Come on, Big Red Car, how about an example?

Ahhh, dear reader, you want an example? OK, let’s chat about the Russian supposed 5th generation stealth fighter, the Sukhoi Su-57.

It is supposed to be better than the best US fighter. Haha. Sorry.

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Ukraine — The Summer Soldier And The Sunshine Patriot

If you know your Revolutionary War history, you will recognize the phrase turned by the pamphleteer and firebrand Thomas Paine in The American Crisis in which he urged the beleaguered American revolutionaries — the Continental Army now on the far side of the Delaware River driven before the victorious British — to hold steady and to justify the cause of freedom.

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Cardboard Goes To War

An Australian company, Sypaq, sells waxed cardboard UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles/drones) capable of transporting more than ten pounds of explosive (and other recon/camera/commo payloads) to hit targets 100 miles distant.

It’s known as the Corvo Precision Payload Delivery System and the government of Australia is providing 100 Corvos a month to the Ukrainians as part of a $20MM aid package.

The device is assembled with rubberbands and sticks, and is propelled by a battery powered motor. Looks like something Ikea would sell, no?

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Russian Casualties

It is difficult to get a handle on Russian casualties in the Ukraine – Russo War. According to the Muscovys, they have lost two dozen men, but they have mobilized more than 500,000 men in addition to their normal twice a year drafts.

According to the Ukrainians, the Russians have lost 350,000 men.

Wagner losses as a gauge

We have a slightly more accurate insight into the magnitude of losses with recent utterances from the Chief Thug of the Wagner Private Military Company Yevgeny Prigozhin — yes, the thug who marched on Moscow with his barbaric henchpersons in rebellion and who was subsequently banished to Belarus.

Barbaric thug, Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder and leader of the Wagner Private Military Company

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