Lessons v Tests For CEOs Only

Back from a tour de force of the American South, I am struck by the issue of learning from lessons and tests. The matrix goes something like this:

 1. When in school or other entities intended to “teach” us things (such as military training for young officers), we are presented lessons and then tested on the lesson.

Have we absorbed and retained the learning?

 2. Often in life — business, families, military — we are tested first and from that testing we must learn a lesson.

Do we absorb and retain the learning?

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Big Red Car here.  Enjoying the wonderful mild weather here in the ATX — Austin, Texas.  The ATX.

The Boss and one of his old Army friends were chewing the fat the other day and got to talking about all the interesting stuff they did all those years ago when they were young and dangerous men.  Back when the Big Red Car was just a pup himself.

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