The Path To Wisdom

Too late in life, we acquire wisdom when it is sometimes beyond our ability to deploy though we will appreciate it greatly.

Here is a traditional litany of how wisdom is conveyed upon us:

Wisdom is the product of the application of sound judgement over a protracted period of time.

Sound judgment is the product of pertinent experience over a long time.

Pertinent experience is the product of blinding instants of bad judgement.

This is a humorous, but truthful cliche and a useful frame of reference. There are other paths, azimuths, directions to wisdom.

Wisdom may be acquired by extensive reading, research, and study — book wisdom?

Wisdom may be acquired by speaking to people who have themselves paid the price to acquire wisdom. This is the shoplifting of another’s experience. This could also be viewed as mentoring or networking.

Wisdom may be acquired by the experience noted in the prior thought – the school of hard knocks and broken fingernails.

All of these paths to wisdom will require the investment of extensive time — the only asset equally owned by mankind.

What is the right path, Obi Wan Big Red Car?

Like all things in life the answer is complex, but at its core is this: all of the bloody above, amigo.

The quickest path to deployable wisdom is:

Study the wise, the good leaders, the winners — identify and cultivate their traits. Read.

Surround yourself with people who have the character and traits you want to ultimately possess. Offer yourself up to a mentor and follow his damn advice. Network.

Go do things. Take risks, roll the dice, jump with faith nobody will move the water, and learn to swim. 99% of the world is bullshitters whilst 1% are doers. Go do stuff.

The only sure thing is this — if you do nothing, you will achieve and obtain nothing.

Wisdom requires action.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.