The Sword Dancer Returns?

Pal of mine calls me. Rags me hard as I said Donald J Trump passed his “sell by date” and his “shelf life.”

I protest, “I still love his policies, just need a new hand at the tiller, amigo.”

Guy asks me to look at a picture. I do.

It’s a picture of President Donald J Trump sword dancing with the King of Saudi Arabia (second swordsman to the left) and the diabolical bone saw Prince MBS who actually runs the joint (second swordsman to the right).

My pal asks, “Has there ever been a sword dancing President with the form of Donald J Trump?”

Being an honest man, I say, “You got me on that one, amigo, but isn’t he the only sword dancing POTUS? Ever?”

He ignores me and laughs.

I say, “I love Trump’s policies. I love Trump’s sword dancing. I like Pompeo better as a future POTUS.”

“Joe Biden would drop dead if he had to sword dance,” says he and I now laugh at him.

He threatens to skewer me with a sword. As it turns out I actually have a sword I received as a VMI cadet 50 years ago.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.

Do y’all think The Donald might challenge his Republican challengers to a SWORD DANCE?