The Chinese Takeout Menu — Kamikaze Drones And Other Stuff From Column Fweee

China is buying all the Russian oil it can — huge discount from their new Orc pals — and is thereby funding the Putin war machine in Ukraine. Move on, nothing to see here.

In the course of this, Putin and Xi have been playing a lot of canasta and watching porn together.

Xi Jinping is going to Moscow — something he assiduously refused to do in order not to tip his hand in support of Russian perfidy in Ukraine.

Couple of cutups saying hello at the Despotic Murderers Club, Moscow branch.

Now, he’s going to go clubbing in Moscow and intends to hook up with Putin for some quality bare chested horse riding.

China, really, Big Red Car?

China, of course, desires to play out the Ukraine situation for a number of reasons:

 1. China gets a free look at how the west might react to an invasion of Taiwan;

 2. China doesn’t worry as much as Russia about financial sanctions because it has a much bigger economy than Russia and feels like it can inflict as much pain as it can absorb in the event of a sanctions regime imposed by the US and its allies;

 3. China gets a chance to deal with Taiwan whilst the US and its allies are committed to Ukraine and have minimal bandwidth to allocate to Taiwan; and,

 4. China is finally feeling the impact of American industry re-shoring, alternate-shoring, and returning industry to the US and therefore is no longer willing to just stand idly by whilst the US steals its industries back from China.

So what, Big Red Car?

The so what is this — China is going to sell mass produced, low or minimal tech weapons to Russia such as kamikaze drones. 

Russia, of course, can’t make these drones — they’ve been buying them from Iran who does not have the manufacturing prowess of China — as it has no access to chips despite Putin’s protestations that the sanctions have been a walk in the park.

China has no problem with getting their hands on chips.

Come on, Big Red Car?

It’s true. The Russians are buying the Xian Bingo Intelligent Aviation Technology ZT – 180 which is still in the prototype phase.

Right now, China is negotiating a deal to buy 100 ZT – 180 kamikazi drones capable of hauling a 35 – 50 kg warhead and is more deadly than the Iranian Shaheen – 136 that has killed hundreds of Ukrainian civilians, wrecked lots of infrastructure, and hit a few legitimate targets by accident.

The first 100 drone prototypes are set to ship by the end of April.

But, there’s more, Big Red Car?

Yes, dear reader, there’s more.

Not content to just sell the Russian killing machine deadly drones, the nice chaps at Bingo Aviation Tech are going to set up a manufacturing facility in Mother Russia to produce 100 AT – 180 drones a month.

How’re they going to get the chips, Big Red Car?

The Russians/Bingo Chinese are going to do what they have been doing — smuggling chips from Belgium into Russia with false bills of lading using Chinese front companies pretending the chips are headed to China which is not on the chip shit list.

How do we know this for sure, you ask? Because about 80% of Russian weapons captured by the Ukrainians are dissected and found to contain Belgian chips. Not sweet potato chips, semiconductor chips.

Why now, Big Red Car?

Ahhh, the question for the ages. Here’s what the smart money says:

 1. See comments above about Taiwan — Xi thinks the time is now.

 2. The Chinese have been buying Russian oil and it’s not a huge leap to sell them great drones — almost like barter. Oil for drones, anybody?

 3. China likes the Putin illogical explanation that this is really NATO’s war because China wants to scare any fledgling NATO-like organizations in their neck of the woods.

Chinese “diplomats” have been testing this out for a month or more.

 4. Xi wants to confuse the world with the Chinese Peace Plan which is essentially:

 a. to let the Orcs and Putin keep what they have or want,

 b. Ukraine to give up land and its children (the Orcs have literally kidnapped hundreds of thousands),

 c. Ukraine to agree not to joint Club NATO, and

 d. Club NATO to say six Hail Marys and promise not to  allow Ukraine to threaten Russia any more.

 5. Russia gets to return to the big kids table and participate in world affairs like it wasn’t a medieval, Dark Ages, Evil Empire run by a smelly little blood sucking toad.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Fine. The bottom line. Here it is:

 1. China wants to be the Arsenal of the Dark Side like the US is the Arsenal of Democracy.

China figures it will have plenty of manufacturing space as the world de-shores it and is prepared to make and sell shit Made in China like deadly drones.

Axis of Evil loyalty program for Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba?

 2. China has a new pal to supply all the oil it wants and the west’s ability to pinch off the supply is on extended vacay.

 3. In the future, if anything goes really wrong, China thinks it can just say, “Aww, we didn’t mean it. We won’t do that again.”

 4. After a couple or years of dealing with the Biden admin, the Chinese are not impressed and watching the slow manner in which the US/NATO supply weapons says, “What the Hell!”

 5. Xi just got re-elected and nobody can take the great office, car, house, and the 400 new ICBM tubes he built in the last three years from him.

 6. There is no downside if Russia gets its potatoes mashed. Hell, China might end up owning Siberia, sort of like the Louisiana Purchase.

Here’s the real bottom line: This shit is going to get dicey if and when the Chinese get into the mix. Buckle up, buttercup, we’re in for a wild ride.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?” I’m a Big Red Car. God help us all.