The United States And Nicaragua Immigration Partnership

The sovereign nations of Nicaragua and the United States have entered into a new immigration partnership. It works like this:

 1. Nicaragua flies its prisoners involuntarily to the United States where they are illegal immigrants and dumped into US possession. Last week, they sent 222 felons.

Helpful Nicaraguan police assist felon — wore white after Labor Day – in finding a seat on the bus to the airport to catch the Freedom Bird to the United States

2. The current administration accepts these prisoners and allows them to enter the country.

That’s it.

Prisoners, Big Red Car?

Yes, dear reader, Nicaragua sends us its prisoners – felons of all kinds and political dissidents.

Nicaragua, literally, empties its jails and sends them to the US and the US accepts them as if we had a severe shortage of felons and we had full scholarships for felons with NIL deals.

Advantage Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega, the Marxist/Leninist/Communist leader of Nicaragua obtains several benefits:

 1. Nicaragua does not have to imprison or support felons — murderers, violent offenders, rapists, thieves, political opponents, and people wearing white after Labor Day.

 2. Nicaragua saves on prison infrastructure, guards, and law enforcement.

Disadvantage the United States

The United States receives the following benefits:

 1. A steady supply of felons — murderers, violent offenders, rapists, thieves, political opponents, and people wearing white guayabera shirts after Labor Day.

Who wants to run out of felons?

 2. Put another way, these are all potential Democrat Party members.

 3. An opportunity for the American taxpayer to shoulder additional costs.

 4. Some well needed crime because after all felons have to eat too, right?

Danny Ortega

Danny Ortega is a run-of-the-mill 78-year-old Marxist-Leninist scumbag who ran Nicaragua from 1979 – 1990 and since 2015.

[You can see why Danny and Joe Biden get along, no? Couple of elderly Commies gleefully enjoying their out-of-touch Golden Years.]

Charm school grad Danny Ortega who describes himself as a “former revolutionary.”

Danny financed his political career by robbing banks and spent a few years in prison and in exile in Cuba boning up on revolutionary tactics.

He has wielded an iron fist and has controlled the press and imprisoned opponents in a manner that Putin would admire.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Just when you think the administration cannot possibly screw up legal and illegal immigration or the non-existent Southern border more, the White House makes you laugh.

The US does not have a border to the south. Deal with it.