The View From Afar — Spain/Germany #6

You will recall we are canvassing the world to get an idea of how folks think about themselves, their own businesses, their own countries and the United States.

Today, we speak to a very special correspondent in Madrid who is the Chairwoman of the Board of a truly global company. She is from Germany, but lives in Spain and speaks several languages. She is educated in the United States (electrical engineering) and is running an almost 100-year-old manufacturing business heavy on R & D.

I have watched her (hey, I’m supposed to be helping her, not just watching) meet and master some of the hardest challenges in such an enterprise with grace and aplomb while pushing and shoving into what is mainly a male dominated industry.

She is the mother of lovely girls and makes a mean snowman. Will drop her work to make a snowman with her kids on the fall of a snowflake in Madrid where it never snows.

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The View From Afar — Spain

A week ago, I sent out an email to clients, friends, folks I know in: Chile, Japan, Ireland, India, England, Spain, Germany, Korea, Columbia, Dubai, Israel, Canada, Mexico, and California. I believe there are a total of sixteen. All of these persons are entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and brilliant persons.

I asked them to give me their thoughts on the following topics:

1. How are you feeling — optimistic, pessimistic — about business, the world, your country in general?

2. What is the world’s biggest challenge from here on out?

3. Anything that you think I need to know?

The thoughts have begun to trickle in and today we start with the views of a 36-year old Spanish entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of a software company with operations in the US and Switzerland (did I imagine that?). He is married to a German woman, an American educated electrical engineer, who is the Chairwoman of the Board of an almost century old manufacturing business with global operations. He was a client and she is a client. They have lovely children.

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Voices From the Real World III — Madrid, Spain

OK, a chum of mine is in Madrid, Spain where he is a financial entrepreneur buying up transition properties and breathing value into them with capital and repairs. Smart guy.

He is at home with WutangCurse symptoms with a wife and child. He is in quarantine within his own home.

He sent me the updated numbers for Spain. I always like seeing the detailed, granular breakdown for things like this. Take a look. [Translates as follows: Total conf=Infected, UCI=ICU, Fallecidos=Deaths, Curados=Healed.]

He goes on to further elaborate that he is one of the 20,000 in self-imposed isolation in Madrid alone. He has been feeling poorly for six days, but has plenty of room and a nice arrangement whereby he can even be isolated from his family.

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