The Speech Joe Biden Needs To Give But Never Will

There are no extraordinary men. There are ordinary men who are called to lead in extraordinary times. Today is such a time and Joe Biden has been called to lead.

The simple question is this — can he lead? Can he do what needs to be done?

Right now, the lingua franca is a besotted call for healing and unity, something as likely to happen as me turning dried up leaves on my lawn into gold leaf with a wave of my hand. But, can we hope to hear from our better angels?

If we are to have a shot at healing and unity, then Joe Biden needs to give this speech.

“My Fellow Americans,

This is Joe from Scranton, your President. Right now we Democrats are exalting in the thrill of victory, granted a very thin victory, whilst our Republican countrymen are angry and believe the election was not fair. We have withdrawn to our corners and are unlikely to be persuaded otherwise.

They believe I — and you, the 80,000,000 Americans who voted for me — was the beneficiary of fraud, undue media support, and undeserved support from social media.

I cannot change that perception of those 74,000,000 Americans and no amount of anger between our two camps is going to persuade us that we are not legitimate or them that we are legitimate. I recognize this, but I still must govern for all of us.

In order to reach out the hand of understanding, in order to show the authenticity of my desire to heal and unify the country, I have decided to take the following actions:

 1. Today, I have asked Senator Chuck Schumer and my fellow Democrats in the Senate to halt the impeachment trial of former President Donald J Trump. Trump’s presidency is over. Let’s move on.

An impeachment trial is certain to roil up further anger. We cannot allow that to happen while we try to dig out from the pandemic and to jump start the economy. Impeachment will destroy any chance of healing and unity. That is just a fact, Jack.

 2. Today, I have asked the Speaker of the House, the House Minority Leader, the Majority Leader in the Senate, and his counterpart, the Senate Minority Leader, to form a select committee — with equal representation from both parties and with disinterested parties — to investigate election fraud starting in the battleground states and then where the evidence may take them.

Let’s delve into every piece of evidence, skin it back, let it stink.

 3. Today, I have issued a pardon to any and all members of the Trump admin for any and all acts they took while governing our Nation. This pardon is unconditional and I call on all states to do the same.

 4. Today, I have asked the Congress to prepare bi-partisan legislation for my signature to ensure that the social media, the tech industry is reigned in as to any bias, censorship, or diminution of the right of all Americans to free speech.

As in all compromises, I expect both sides to be angry about something. Direct that anger at me. I have big shoulders. Pile it on. But, let’s move on.

My supporters will cry that I am letting our opponents off easy. To them I say, ‘Yes, I am because if we don’t do something daring, there will be no healing, no unity, and, one day, no United States.’

My opponents will say I am paying lip service, shadow boxing. To them I say, ‘Give me a chance to show you otherwise. Join me. You will have equal representation in every endeavor. Halting the impeachment is a down payment. Accept it.’

You know you’ve done the right thing when everybody is angry at you.

President Ford wisely pardoned former President Nixon in order to heal the nation. I do the same thing with the same objective. I have been accused of plagiarism in the past and I admit to it in this matter. That’s a joke, folks.

It will take movement on both sides of the aisle to bridge the gaps, to breathe life into the now empty promise of healing, it will take someone making the first step to create even the chance for unity, and it will require us getting to the bottom of some unpleasant things to ensure we are doing right by all citizens.

I am strong enough to do that and let the chips fall where they may. Are you? Are we?

I challenge both sides with this last thought — ‘If not now, when? If not us, who? I take the first step right now. Join me.’

Thank you and God bless America.”

Can Joe from Scranton deliver that speech?

Hell no.

Sorry, it was a flight of fancy, but we can dream, right?

Back to the real world.