The View From Afar — California #5

Today, we have the view from another foreign country, California. Haha. Just kidding. I love California. I want it to stay right where it is though.

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The questions:

1. How are you feeling — optimistic, pessimistic — about business, the world, your country in general?

2. What is the world’s biggest challenge from here on out?

3. Anything that you think I need to know?

Comes now an entrepreneur in the FinTech space who is riding a unicorn — my opinion. It is a Biiiiiiiiiig Math Nobel Prize driven risk analysis tool for the securities business.

He is also one of the nicest, biggest hearted guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I think Delta is going to give him the airline as he has so many FF miles.

Here is what he has to say:

He is by nature an optimist, but his optimism is currently “guarded.” He describes the American economy as “resilient” and that any negative impacts from “dumb policies” will take decades to reveal themselves.

He thinks that our new President, Joe Biden, is a “good man at heart” but that the recovery will be “weaker and less impressive than it could have been.” He bases this in part on his criticism of “. . . executive orders . . . killing thousands of high-paying union jobs building the Keystone pipeline . . .”

He notes that “you can print money right up to the moment that you can’t any more.”

This sentence has to be included in its entirety: “I don’t know how many more trillions we can print before the teeter-totter flips, we are suddenly not the world’s trusted reserve currency, and hyperinflation takes over the restaurant even thought it did not have a reservation.”

As to the biggest challenge, another keeper:

“Protecting the creators from being taxed, regulated, persecuted and canceled out of creating wealth by the small band of those not bright enough to create or contribute ANYTHING of value.”

He ends by complimenting me on the rising quality of my Instagram account since I have become a grandfather. Guy misses nothing.

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There you have it, a view from FinTech, Big Math, California founder/entrepreneur.

PS — I am NOT trying to recruit him and his company to move to Austin, but I have this guy working the deal.

You know, my FinTech founder friend, I have moved to Austin By God Texas with my companies. Let’s talk.