The Ultimate Airstream Work From Home Rig For You, Amigo

Look at this baby from Airstream. What is it going to take for me to put you in this ultimate WFH rig?

Take a deep breath, walk around this beauty, kick the tires and let’s look inside, shall we?

Look at those windows. Can’t you imagine yourself in the mountains, at the beach, stopped in the parking lot of a little town with a great BBQ joint, at a national park? Florida Keys? Cuba?

Yes, you can, because you are a very creative person. Let’s take a look at the interior.

As you can see, we have two office locations, a kitchen for snacking, a bathroom, and a cozy bed. Plus, we will slide the awning out and you can bring along some comfy camp chairs, and sit in front of a fire with a nice robust red wine with barnyard earthiness.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car, we have stuff to do

OK, you’re testy today. Everybody seems testy these days. WTF is going on in America?

For you and only you, special today, I can put you in this essential bit of WFH kit for a measly $107,000 and a 4-door pickup (buy a used one) to provide the locomotion — BOOM! — you are working from a mobile home and you do your best work when you’re mobile.

Cold where you live? Snowy? Not in your Airstream WFH ultimate rig, amigo. You are in the Rio Grande Valley eating fresh oranges. In the Keys fishing. In Nevada. Yes, you can!

Hot this summer? Upper peninsula Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada, Alaska, Maine? Be where you need to be when you need to be there. Heaven.

Can I write a deal up for you, amigo? How many? Two, three, one for every member of the C-suite? Christmas presents, early? How about a rent-to-own package? How about a traveling companion?

I am just trying to create an environment in which you can do your best work — soar! Come on, man. Airstream made this beauty for YOU! Let’s make a deal.

OK, find a pal and split it. Great idea! Let’s do this.