President Obama — A Pen, A Cell Phone, An Emoticon

Big Red Car here. Going to be a little rainy in the ATX today. 60F and 70% chance of rain. Sigh!

So, did you catch the President’s speech on gun control? If you didn’t, you should. It was spectacular. Oscar worthy spectacular.

Give Barack H Obama one thing — the guy can deliver a speech. Maybe his best speech ever. Powerful, emotional, resounding. Empty.

Now, you cynics will be tempted to say: “But, Big Red Car, that’s all the guy does — speeches. Nothing but speeches. No action, just speeches.”

Shame on you, you cynics. It was a damn good speech. Hush! Continue reading


Gun Regulation — or why you just cannot trust the liberals in America

Big Red Car here.

Hope you are getting ready for a nice New Years Eve holiday or at least a bit of the bubbly and a holiday spirit.  Have one on me and Happy New Year!

Be good to yourselves, you deserve it.

Well, I had hoped that The Boss would not get involved in the gun debate but I also wanted a white Christmas in Austin.  Not going to happen.  Either one.  So let me see if I can get his views down in print correctly.

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