Retire, You Fossils

The recent scary “frozen empty stare” episode with Senator Mitch McConnell raises the question yet again — what is the age at which a US Senator should be retired and forced out?

Let’s study the top ten old folks in the Senate as our exemplar, shall we?

Dianne Feinstein D – 90 — Senator since November 1992, in severe and obvious mental decline

Chuck Grassley R – 89 – Senator since January 1991, seems sharp

Bernie Sanders I/caucuses with the Ds – 81 – Senator since January 2007, moron since birth

Mitch McConnell R – 81 – Senator since January 1985, clear health problems and decline

Jim Risch R – 80 – Senator since January 2009, seems sharp

Ben Cardin D – 79 – Senator since January 2007

Angus King I/caucuses with the Ds – 79 – Senator since January 2013

Dick Durbin D – 79 — Senator since January 1997, seems sharp

Richard Blumenthal D – 78 – Senator since January 2011, seems sharp

Ed Markey D – 77 – Senator since July 2013, seems sharp

Would we miss any of these clowns? I think not.

So, what do you think, Big Red Car?

I think the following:

 1. Every person running for national office over the age of 55 should have to take a test of cognitive ability and pass with a score that is 110% of the national average for that age group. If they cannot pass, they cannot run.

 2. The House and Senate should be able to require the same cognitive test — by majority vote — of any sitting Representative or Senator; and, if they fail to attain a score of 110% of the national average for that age group, they should be bounced out.

 3. No candidate should be allowed to run for office if they will be older than 70 when they complete the term for which they are running. I think maybe it should be 65.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

People like Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein, John Fetterman are not cognitively fit for office and it is a dereliction of duty to allow them to run and hold office.

It is a clear and present danger to the republic to allow such people to hold high office.

Sorry. Not sorry.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a 68-year-old Big Red Car.