Why Republicans Cannot Govern – They Are Traitors To Themselves

Comes now the Republican party after missing the Big Red Wave and failing to control the Senate whilst eking out a pathetic majority in the House of Boobs.

The Republicans in the House cannot find a horse to get across the finish line as Congressman McCarthy fails in his fifth attempt to garner sufficient votes to become Speaker.

[Congressman McCarthy — pssst – it isn’t working, dude. Do the right thing. Find a sword and fall on it.]

While this is going on Minority Leader McConnell is barnstorming with President Biden to applaud the Dems recent ultra-inflationary legislation.

[Mitch – pssst – they are the enemy. It’s unseemly to support legislation Republicans opposed.]

Here are some critical observations that might help the Republicans act like an actual political party rather than a pick up basketball game between a changing array of shirts and skins.

 1. House Republicans – do the dirty work behind closed doors so you don’t look like you’ve shat yourself in public when the same chap cannot win after five elections. You look like idiots.

 2. House Republicans – act like individuals in your caucus, but in public for limited purposes — like electing a House Speaker, morons — act like a cohesive political party which will coalesce around a winning candidate whoever that might be.

3. Senate Republicans – get rid of ancient Father Time Mitch who blew the election by feuding with Trump and failed to fund the right campaigns. The guy is 142 – no, he’s only 80.

The guy was born during World War II and he’s become a barnacle on the ship of state for the last 37 years.

The Founding Fathers saw politics as being a part time endeavor, not a life time sentence.

 4. Senate Republicans — do not support the opposition party leader when he passes legislation that raises taxes and is anathema to every Republican value — remember small government, lower taxes, a strong military, functioning borders, and free speech. Sheesh!

That is all! Now, let’s get across the finish line with the sixth election, shall we?