Bernie v Hillary = When Ancient Battled Vintage?

Big Red Car here in the gray hours before the dawn contemplating the spectacle that was the Democrat debate in Milwaukee last night.

The next primary is in South Carolina, so let’s have a debate in…………………………………………..Milwaukee. How about Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Myrtle Beach? Huh?

The Big Red Car finds it odd that the progressive banner is being fought over by an ancient 74-year old white man and a vintage 69-year old white woman.

Talk about “old wine in new bottle”, eh?

But, there was some interesting observations made which bear acknowledging and commentary.


Bernie took Hillary to task for her having sought foreign affairs advice from Henry Kissinger. Kissinger, of course, was instrumental in the opening of China with President Richard Nixon. Here is Henry the K getting a lesson on using chopsticks from some elderly Chinaman. [Extra credit — who is THAT guy? Haha, you have no idea, do you?]

The comment wandered through the history of the tragic end to the Viet Nam War — a war which most young progressives’ parents hardly are old enough to know anything about.

Bernie knew all about the war since he was a Conscientious Objector and thusly avoided service.

He threw Cambodia, Prince/King/Prime Minister Norodom Sihaunok, Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, and the 3-5MM people who were slaughtered by the Pol Pot/Khmer Rouge despotism onto the stage.

Blaming it all on Hillary’s guy pal, Kissinger, when, in fact, the genesis of the war was Kennedy and Johnson. Nixon and Kissinger came in during the later innings to clean the mess up.

He took the Cliff Notes version of history to make his point and got a lot of it wrong but he made his point — Hillary is taking advice from some relic from the 1970s.

“Kissinger” even sounds like one of those names one would be attuned easily to be wary of and the guy still speaks with a slight German accent — da, da, da, dum — cue the spooky background music. Vampire music, please?

Had she been on her game, Hillary would have whispered that Henry the K was the guy responsible for prying the post Yom Kippur War Egyptians — walk like an Egyptian, y’all — out of the Russian Bear’s hands and thereby thrusting the Middle East into a long run of Israeli peace.

We could use a splash of that Middle East – Israeli peace just about now, no?

This exchange went over almost everyone’s head who is a Bernie progressive because they hadn’t been born when it all happened. Kissinger, wooooooooo!

Here is a be-caned Henry Kissinger with his Nancy Alice, a tall woman who has always reminded me of the protagonist in one of those Dalmation movies. You? Henry has a sword in his cane. [Big Red Car made the sword story up, y’all.]

Irony — you bitch

There is something slightly ironic about a Conscientious Objector (Bernie) and a failed Marine recruit (Hillary) vying for the job of Commander-in-Chief of the US military.

Maybe it’s just the Big Red Car but a guy who did his all to say he “couldn’t” serve and a woman who loathes the military seem like unlikely candidates for that job. No?

Could there be any less qualified duo in the history of our country? [You Republicans are just as bad, so shut up and sit down. That’s an order.]

Hillary, at least, has experienced sniper fire. Wait a second, wait just a damn second. Oh, well, maybe she didn’t actually experience sniper fire in the real world but in HillaryWorld?

Opposing President Obama

Hillary, who has apparently focus grouped this utterance, has taken up the mantle of being the Third Obama Term. This is a real thing, y’all. I heard her say it and she never lies, y’all. Never.

A truly stupid utterance in the opinion of the Big Red Car harkening back to when the President famously said during the 2014 mid-term election: “My policies are on the ballot.”

Whereupon the electorate bitch smacked the Democrats handing a barbed wire enema to 11 of 12 incumbent Democrat Senators vying for re-election and in the process giving the Republicans the Senate, a bigger majority in the House, and a slew of governorships and statehouses.

The worst such beat down since the 1920s. And this woman wants to invoke The Third Obama Term? She’s supposed to be the smart Clinton, right?

Hillary pointed out that Bernie had, in fact, criticized President Obama on his last NCAA Final Four picks to which Bernie — on his game, y’all — replied: “You ran against the man, Hillary!”

Good point, advantage Bernie?


In case you missed it, they are both nibbling at the edges of Obamacare saying, “Something a little stinky about Obamacare, y’all. Trust us, we’re going to fix it. Trust us!”

So much for the President’s signature turd floating in the health care punchbowl, no?

Anybody who runs with the Obamacare tee shirt on is fucked. Mark the word of a Big Red Car!

Don’t believe a Big Red Car, believe the eleven Senators who lost their jobs over it.


One area in which there was universal agreement was that both of these candidates are willing to admit they intend “to tax the living shit out of everyone.”

You have to admire and respect that brutal honesty. It makes it infinitely easier for the poor addlepated electorate — vote for either of these two and you can be assured one one thing — YOUR TAXES ARE GOING UP. In the words of Dick Cheney, “Big time!”

So, there you have it, Ancient v Vintage in a cage match in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Early night as they both like to get to bed early enough to get their sleep.

You progressive, particularly your Millenials, know this — there is nobody on this planet looking after y’all like a 74-year old ancient white guy or a 69-year old vintage white chica. You, Millenials, are screwed.

But, then, it is our vote. Use it wisely.

What would Henry Kissinger do?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself cause these old farts are not going to be able to remember who you are.



5 thoughts on “Bernie v Hillary = When Ancient Battled Vintage?

  1. Sure, the professor of chop sticks is Chou En-lai.

    Since in the FT Mike Bloomberg called the content of the POTUS campaigns “banal” and Trump took that as aimed at him and, thus, no longer regards Mike as a friend, my remark here hoping for more in quality and detail in Trump’s proposals on the economy may guarantee that Trump would never regard me as a friend!

    Let’s see: IIRC, Bloomberg wants to “fight climate change”, ban 32 ounce soda with sugar, cut back on salt in restaurant food, and put wind turbines on the tops of the buildings in NYC — hmm, where does Mike get that really strong funny stuff he’s been smoking?

    Maybe I’m asking for too much: Maybe a good answer for the economy would require economic modeling from the Fed, the OMB, the CBO, etc. and be a huge effort and still not very precise. Maybe Trump has some expert advice. Maybe he thinks that getting into such details in the campaign would just create a mess — here maybe he is correct.

    There is the old rumor that the Smoot-Hawley tariff was a big cause of the Great Depression. Hmm …. So, now there are claims that if the US puts on some tariffs and weakens the dollar, there will be a global trade war. Hmm.

    Trump has been talking about trade imbalances with China, Japan, Mexico, and sometimes Viet Nam. Okay. If he puts on tariffs with just those three and they retaliate, which they might not do much of, that still leaves for US selling to the rest of the world. IIRC, Google has been getting more revenue from outside the US than inside. Maybe a nice survey of what we are selling and to whom would show that our export revenue would remain fine and, if we weakened the dollar, improve.

    But my guess would be, if Trump’s actions really bring back a lot of jobs, then we’re talking one heck of a sudden, huge slug of capex for the plant, equipment, etc. for those jobs. Maybe that’s much of what he expects the $2.5+ trillion of US earnings held overseas and brought back to the US would be used for. At, say, 15%, that would also be $375+ billion in new tax revenue, thus, offsetting tax reductions elsewhere? Is there any good work better than just back of the envelope for such planning?

    • .
      Small point — the first shot in a trade equalization is not to put on tariffs but to allow free and fair trade with American companies. I suspect more than half of any trade deficit would disappear if this were done.

      I would take every product we trade and put them all on a spreadsheet and say, “Pick which Chinese product you want unfettered access to the US market. I will pick a corresponding product American that gets unfettered access to the Chinese market.”

      Then, I would dollar weight the trade relationship and force the amount of trade to equalize.

      I am willing to be such a methodical approach would fix more than half of the imbalance.

      Then, I would say, “These products can come to the US but only if they are final assembled or manufactured in the US.”

      This is exactly what we did with cars and it worked.

      In the end, it will be smooth but it takes friction to create that smooth.


  2. So, we have Bernie and Hillary and, on the other side, Donald, Ben, and Marco. So, we get to pick from those five. We have listened to their speeches and proposals. Then we ask, “Is this really the best we can do?”.

    Let’s see, in comparison, as at

    etc. in the news we have that physics and the NSF, and thank you NSF, just found that at 1.3 billion light years away, two black holes orbited each other faster and faster and closer and closer and just merged into one black hole. The event generated gravitational waves that were detected for 0.2 seconds.

    The two black holes had masses of 36 and 29 solar masses, and the final, one black hole has a mass of 62 solar masses. So, we are missing 36 + 29 – 62 = 3 solar masses of mass. So, in less than a second, the event converted 3 solar masses of mass into energy, in this case gravitational energy — a spectacular level of power, that is, energy per unit time. That is,

    “For a tenth of a second [the collision] shines brighter than all of the stars in all the galaxies,” Allen says. “But only in gravitational waves.”


    So, the gravity field of the universe changed via gravity waves. We had two very sensitive laser interferometers (remember Young’s double slit in physics?) that detected the event.

    That’s a lot of detail for something that happened 1.3 billion light years away for black holes that we essentially can’t see.

    Nice work!

    Now, how can we get such nice work on the major issues we are hearing about in this campaign, especially the US economy?

    I’d sure like to see such quality and detail on Trump’s proposals for the economy.

    IMHO, especially on the economy, all the rest of the candidates are much less promising than Trump, but, without all the quality and detail, Trump is by a wide margin the least bad but not nearly as good as I want and I fear we need.

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