Donald Trump the Junk Food of Political Discourse?

Big Red Car here and thinking about Donald Trump.

Famously, the man has been supposed to have crashed and burned at least a hundred times since the adventure that is the Trump Presidential candidacy launched.

“This is the end of Trump!” Yes, yes, yes,yes, uhhh, no.

The GOPe, and any number of political operatives including fellas named Rove, have been taking a hit out on the guy for months, quarter years, half years. No bueno!

Then, the actual primaries were to have unmasked this charlatan. Not so much, as it turns out.

Thus far, Donald Trump has laid a feast at his supporters’ red meat eating feet to include:

Offending any and all Hispanics alluding to the presence of rapists and drug dealers amongst their brethren sneaking into the country.

The wall? The freakin’ wall that Mexico is going to pay for.

Promised to deport some great number of illegal immigrants.

Used foul language that would make a sailor blush — oh, not really, but go along with it, y’all.

Offended the GOPe and their hand picked candidates.

Told Jeb Bush that he is “low energy” which is apparently the worst thing a man can say about another man. Who would have ever thought that?

Promised to bring back waterboarding and a whole lot more. [Some speculate he will make terrorists watch re-runs of “You’re Fired!” or “The Apprentice.” Same show, Big Red Car, get with it.]

Promised to destroy ISIS and to rebuild the military.

Failed to kiss the ring of the media who hate him and have never pulled a lever for a Republican since they had hairy armpits.

Megyn Kelly will NOT leave her husband and become a Trump camp follower though Melania has her eye on her. [Megyn, look at those eyes and tell me if you want to cross HER man. Really? That girl will bitch smack you so hard, your roots will never require coloring again.]

Banning Muslims from entering the country in order to ensure their ranks are not filled with ISIS or Al Qaeda shitheads.

Threatened to ask the Chinese to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea and shooter of long range ICBMs and exploder of nuclear weapons.

Promised to get America back on the path to “winning” while cancelling Obamacare and all of President Obama’s executive orders, day one.


Other interesting developments:

1. Donald Trump came out of the snows of Iowa with 8 delegates to Ted Cruz’s 9 delegates while he won New Hampshire in an overwhelming “barbed wire enema” manner.

Worthy of note? Trump spent about $300 to Cruz’s $900 per vote in the Iowa caucuses. He is both nimble and frugal.

2. Donald Trump is now presenting the advanced course on “earned media.”

3. He admitted that he knows how to “dress for church” meaning that he is able to distinguish between campaign rhetoric and governing.

He will campaign with red meat and feed cheeseburgers to the Chinese. He gets it.

Donald Trump defies gravity and rewrites history in the process. But, dear reader, it is all a sham and the GOPe will re-enact the law of gravity. Jeb Bush will re-emerge with his Momma at his side. The world will tilt back on its pre-Trump access.

Then, again, maybe not. Maybe America is just that freakin’ angry and maybe 2014 was just the first shot in the revolution. Who knows?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.



7 thoughts on “Donald Trump the Junk Food of Political Discourse?

  1. Simpler explanation: The Donald (TD) wins unless someone beats him. So, to think that TD will lose, about have to think of who will beat him. We know who the candidates are. So, start down the list one by one: Naw, naw, not a chance, naw, no way, you’re joking; what loser; he needs his wife to tie his shoes; the party won’t nominate someone in jail; has his brain idling with his mouth in gear; she’s not potty trained yet; etc. So, TD doesn’t have to be so darned good. Instead, he only needs to be the least bad by a good margin, and looking at the other candidates, that’s not so hard. Of course, really, except for the intuitive qualitative side, the least bad is the same as the best.

    But, if five months ago put all the pundits end to end, they still wouldn’t have reached the truth. TD was smarter than all of them put together. In NH, TD spent $3 million on ads, and the GOPe darling, it’s his turn now, his Mommy said so, spent $30 million — according to TD.

    It appears that obviously TD has this and that wrong but still has one thing right — winning in the polls and, now, in the elections. So, maybe, actually, for winning, he doesn’t have much wrong. So, right, he gets crowds of 10,000+ up on their hind legs from speaking with mangled syntax using short sentences with a fourth grade vocabulary. Well, it’s working.

    access –> axis?

    2014 –> 2015?

      • I have yet to see much data on a Trump v Hillary race.

        But: South Carolina has 50 delegates. Last I heard, Trump just won, uh, 50 delegates. So, in South Carolina Trump just beat Rubio and Cruz like “a rented mule”.

        So, let’s see, first-cut, roughly, a lot details aside, Trump beats Rubio and Cruz who beat Hillary but somehow Trump does less well against Hillary than Rubio and Cruz? Hmm …

        Oh, maybe in a Hillary race, Rubio would get R votes, Cruz would get C votes, and Trump would get T votes. Then maybe R + C > T. Okay. That is, Rubio and Cruz, if add their votes would do better against Hillary than Trump?

        Gee, is there some place I can get some really good odds betting on Trump?

        Today there is a video up at YouTube with Gingrich interviewed at Fox, and he has some perceptive remarks on Trump.

        Rubio is vulnerable on his Gang of Eight involvement, his H1-B stuff, etc. And just today I saw what looked like his support of the effort “The New American Century”, that is, the Dick Cheney approach to foreign policy we saw at work in Iraq.

        Cruz is vulnerable on his unreported loans from GS and Citi, the question of his being “native born”, and immigration. Maybe a lot of people on the right hand side of the Republican party like Cruz, but in the general election he’s too far to the right, would stand to do worse than Goldwater.

        For Hillary, I’m doubting that she will get indited. The other things against Hillary may not hurt her too much in the general. Hillary is this and that, but she’s bright at politics. My guess is that Hillary would beat Cruz. Rubio? She’d patronize him and make him look silly. I really dislike Hillary, but that doesn’t convince me that she’s hopeless as a candidate.

        IIRC, 60% of the Republican delegates will be selected by the end of March. At that point, Trump may have the nomination.

        Everyone can see that if Trump goes to the convention with only 40% of the delegates, then he won’t win on the first ballot, and the other 60% may come together to back the GOPe’s favorite and win the nomination. So, to be safe, Trump should get his 51% of the delegates and win on the first ballot. He’s got a good shot at that. For more, maybe look at the winner take all states.

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