Anonymous Company Survey

Big Red Car here.  Nice cool day today in the ATX and you’re not here, why?

Let’s get THAT taken care of right away.

So The Boss is talking Anonymous Company Survey with a CEO/founder/entrepreneur who runs a nice business with about 50 employees.  Recent level of size, not long at this size.  The CEO wants a report card on how he’s doing.

The answer is an Anonymous Company Survey.  Always has been.

Go get your Survey Monkey on and conduct an Anonymous Company Survey.

Anonymous Company Survey Exemplar

Here is an exemplar of a “fair” survey.  Yours will be a lot better, because you, my friend, are just that good.

Here are some facts:

1.  You will learn something truly startling.  You will say “Wow!”

2.  You will identify a blind spot which may allow you to head off a problem.

3.  Your folks will appreciate and engage with you.  This is from whence company culture really comes — not foosball and a keg.  Engagement.

4.  You will get a better handle on running the business.

5.  You will become a more competent CEO.

Now, go do it.   Then you can go to the beach and enjoy the comfort of mind everything is under control.

But, hey, what do I know really?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

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