Big Red Car here.  Sad news, Glen Campbell has been admitted to an Alzheimer’s treatment clinic.  He recently courageously revealed the existence of his illness.

Armies go to war on the music of their times. Glen Campbell’s 1969 hit, Galveston, was the music of those times. Continue reading


World War III

Big Red Car here.  Nice weather all week in the ATX.  Bad situation getting worse in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

There are those students of history who will opine the seeds for World War II were planted when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced on 30 September 1938 he and a fellow named Adolph Hitler had achieved “…peace in our time…” by their signing of the Munich Agreement.  The results thereafter would prove Chamberlain to be wrong, very wrong.  The world would be plunged into seven years of conflict culminating with the US unleashing nuclear weapons on the Japanese in 1945.

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The Road Goes on Forever

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is finally back from skiing in SBS.  Sheesh, Boss.  We thought you were never returning.  Almost two months of skiing?

But, hey, Boss, me and the housekeeper had a damn good time.  At least that kid likes to take me out for a ride from time to time.  Bluebonnet trip, Boss?  Hint.  Hint.  Hint. Continue reading