Tesla and Austin By God Texas For The Win!

Old news already here in the People’s Republic of Austin, but maybe you haven’t heard: Elon Musk has picked Austin By God Texas for the next Gigafactory at which to build the new Tesla Truck.

Hook ’em, Tesla!

Elon had NOT been smoking anything when he made the announcement and he thanked Tulsa, Oklahoma for making a pitch to keep the Austin pitch real.

As part of the deal, twice a year for a week, Austin will be re-named “Tesla Town.”

The site has been acquired and construction will begin in ten minutes. It’s over by the airport.

A lot of folks have mixed feelings. It’s hard not to puff your chest out because, hey — Austin!

OTOH, we are getting big and generating lots of traffic, but still.

So, there you have it, Elon Musk and the Tesla Truck are coming to town. Legalized marijuana can’t be far behind, right?