Business – 2018 Predictions Report Card

Big Red Car here on a sunny ATX beauty of a day. Talking Business 2018 predictions report card.

So, Big Red Car, how did you do?

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Conference call with Big Red Car, Melania Trump and the President. Nice chat. “Big Red Car, you did so good on your business predictions. You are the best,” said Melania. “Yeah, well I made that dingy Big Red Car a hero. Maybe I should get the credit?” said Donald.

We did OK, dear reader. Here it comes.

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Predictions 2017 – Politics

Grading Predictions 2017 on Politics. Hello, America.

Big Red Car here on a sunny — going to be 75F today — Monday. Crisp in the mornings, warm in the afternoons. Ahh, On Earth as it is in Austin By God Texas!

Merry Christmas.

So, today we grade the Big Red Car’s 2017 predictions on politics.

How did the Big Red Car do?

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