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Grading Predictions 2017 on Politics. Hello, America.

Big Red Car here on a sunny — going to be 75F today — Monday. Crisp in the mornings, warm in the afternoons. Ahh, On Earth as it is in Austin By God Texas!

Merry Christmas.

So, today we grade the Big Red Car’s 2017 predictions on politics.

How did the Big Red Car do?

Politics Predictions 2017

Turns out that Donald J Trump is successfully inaugurated and becomes President which irritates a lot of #NeverTrump folks but they’ll get over it by 2020. Remember, Trump will NEVER get the nomination.


Trump forges an effective relationship with the Congress and, after repealing more than ten Obama Era Executive Orders, gets tax reform through while the Congress returns to regular order.

“Effective relationship?” Ummm, not so true.

Repealing Obama Executive Orders? True.

Tax reform through Congress? Stay tuned.

The Trump administration puts a 5% tax on the repatriation of foreign cash holdings by American companies as long as they increase domestic hiring by 2% in 2017. The money flows like the Niagara Falls.

Work in progress as part of the tax reform package. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Veterans Administration gets straightened out. Long overdue.

True. Well played.

Rick Perry closes down the Energy Department when he remembers what #3 was. Trump says, “See? Right guy for the job. Love the guy.”

Not true. 

John McCain and Lindsey Graham oversee Senatorial hearings which conclude the Russians are going to hack anyone who voluntarily coughs up their email password. They hold a presser to announce this. John Podesta says, “Not fair.” President Trump says, “No email for me.”

Not true. Though the DOJ did appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Russian tampering and Trump campaign collusion. Campaign lasted three months. Investigation is a year old. Nothing of any importance thus far.

Trump appoints a Supreme Court Justice who passes muster with conservatives but irritates Senator Bernie Sanders. The SCOTUS begins to make very conservative decisions and President Trump looks forward to 2-3 more appointments. Game changer and saves the future of America. Thin skinned liberals everywhere whine at very high octave.


Sightings of Bill and Hillary Clinton are scarce, while donations to the Clinton Foundation dry up. Huh? Chelsea turns over for the Department of Justice and enters the Witness Protection Program.

Contributions to the corrupt Clinton Foundation dry up.

Chelsea does not enter Witness Protection Program.

Bill and Hillary Clinton — like dysentery, hard to get rid of. What Happened?

Former President Obama settles into Washington, DC and after a period (six weeks) of silence becomes a constant commentator on everything. He still makes out a NCAA Tournament Bracket, which is slightly better than his Syria policy though the Russians do let him participate after hacking it and leaking it to Julian Assange. The bracket? A huge loser.

True. OK, the part about Julian Assange turned out not to be true. 

Logan Act?

Former Presidents Carter and Obama hold a series of Town Hall Meetings, mediated by Bill O’Reilly, to debate who was the worst President. Obama by a meaningful margin.

No Town Hall Meetings.

President Obama gets the title: Worst. President. Ever. by acclamation.

Bill O’Reilly goes into Witness Protection Program for gropers.

President Trump delivers on a surprisingly large percentage of his campaign promises and doesn’t blame President Obama for anything.

President Trump delivers like Federal Express.

Does a lot of blaming of President Obama for the mess he inherited, but tapers it off.

President Trump invites a “deplorable” to every state dinner and lets the deplorable pick the dessert. Most of the deplorables pick cheese cake from The Cheesecake Factory with strawberry sauce. President Trump insists on fresh strawberries.

False. What was I thinking?

Yesterday went to the Cheesecake Factory for post-church Sunday brunch. Had the cheese cake with fresh strawberries.

The Chinese President comes calling and President threatens to serve him cheeseburgers but finally relents and they have chicken fried steak. [You recognize this is #fakenews, no?]

Chinese President (dictator) and President Trump become buddies, but the situation in North Korea is still a mess.

No chicken fried steak.

First Lady Melania charms the birds out of the trees and is the classiest and most stylish First Lady ever. The New York Times discovers, “Mrs. Trump used to be a fashion model and you can hang a dress on that beauty.”

Classiest First Lady ever. Well played.

I love being First Lady of the United States. Thank you, America. Merry Christmas.

OK, so there you have it. A lot of hits and a few misses. Keeping score.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself. Be kind to everybody else. Merry Christmas (or other culturally appropriate holiday greeting).

2 thoughts on “Predictions 2017 – Politics

  1. Trump watching can be fun and at times educational. Or, we can see lots unexpected stuff and then, for educational exercises, try to explain them. Trump watching is often about some really big issues. So, explaining some of the unexpected stuff might be important.

    Best I can see, Trump was successful in business and, then, saw a lot of rot in the US and US politics, thought he saw a way to fix the rot, and decided that for his final years he would leave the US a better place for his kids, grandkids, etc. and nearly everyone else.

    As he has said, “I have a winning personality.”. So, he wanted to win. To fix the rot, he had to win.

    His strategy to win was to get votes in the Electoral College. For that he needed to get votes in some carefully selected states. For that what he saw was that there were a lot of US citizens who had been left out of US politics and the US economy and would respond well to some appropriate, simple themes all under the one organizing theme of “Make America Great Again”.

    He was right: Mostly setting aside the two coasts, heavily in the “fly over” states, he got the voters, votes, states, the nomination, and then, again, the votes, states, electoral college votes, and won.

    So he got going. Right away he did well with just a tiny staff, a lot of free publicity from the press, and his Boeing 757.

    He spoke clearly about the issues he had identified in direct ways, often in person in rallies, to his constituents. There, right away a lot of politicians were both afraid and pissed off: Those politicians expected Trump to be like they were, repeating their cliches, raising campaign funds the slimy way they did, sucking up to their traditional, narrow constituencies, speaking in vague terms, generally being incompetent as the US rotted, etc.

    Lesson: There really is something that should be called “mainstream US politics.” Close and hand in hand with it is a “mainstream” for each of media, interest groups, campaign donations, cliches, really dumb dumb de dumb dumb policies, and letting the US rot.

    Trump wants to change that mainstream stuff, stop the rot, just as in his MAGA. Trump has power, big power, big time big power; he has the voters and the votes he needs and with those votes he has the office he needs.

    In a word, he has “won”. And those cases of the “mainstream,” in one more word, have “lost”.

    They don’t want to say they have lost, but they do understand our Constitution well enough to see that with his voters and votes, Trump has won. They can flop like a hooked fish, but even the fish knows they’ve lost and so do the mainstreams.

    Lesson: The mainstreams, far left to far right, are scared and pissed. They have been ignoring the fly over states and too many voting US citizens. Trump is ending their foolish, rotten game.

    If are really wrong, then do the opposite and be right. But left to right, they are all just rot and not even wrong.

    So, all the mainstreams know that, just from the voters, votes, election, the office he holds, and our Constitution, things impossible to overcome, Trump is the one and only Big Dog, the alpha dog. All the rest are at best little dogs, often just puppies. Why? They are long on rot and short on credibility, ideas, voters, and votes.

    Lesson: The little dogs know that they have lost and will have to follow Big Dog. But they don’t want to appear to have lost and, instead, for their own self-esteem, self-image, “presentation of self before the public” (I. Goffman), want to appear to be able to piss in grass as tall as that of Big Dog. They can’t piss in the tall grass and know it but they want to pretend. So, they act nasty to Big Dog. This applies to all the little dogs in each of the mainstreams.

    E.g., Megyn acts nasty to Big Dog as the main part of her career and life. At the first Republican debate, Megyn did her very best to cut down Big Dog and lost. She soon knew she lost. And she kept trying to be nasty to Big Dog and kept losing. Now she has some morning show but is still trying to be nasty to Big Dog.

    E.g., ABC News is slowly seeing that it’s no fun being nasty to Big Dog and then getting pissed on by Big Dog, e.g., at Big Dog rallies, in press conferences, in occasional remarks to reporters as Big Dog walks to Marine One, on Twitter, etc. So, ABC News is starting to return to respectful little dog, back to, says, Ike or Reagan in his second term, etc.

    The little dogs scream that it’s bad for Trump to use Twitter. Well, the truth is, Trump’s use of Twitter is terrific for Trump and MAGA and bad for the little dogs. So, the little dogs complain.

    And the little dogs complain about two scoops of ice cream, one slurred word, something about TV time or cans of Diet Coke — silly little yapping from the little dogs trying to keep up their self-esteem and image by trying to challenge Big Dog.

    It’s an old story: Some little dog tries to insult or challenge Big Dog, and eventually Big Dog nips little dog, and little dog gets into line.

    E.g., in Congress, Nancy, Chucky, Ryan, McConnell, etc. were all used to being at the top of the heap of rot. Right away on November 8th, 2016, they clearly saw the size of Big Dog, but, still, no way did they want to play little dog. They saw that, even though it would hurt them and the US a lot, they could still be nasty to Big Dog. So, they got nasty to Big Dog. They wouldn’t pass a Big Dog bill praising apple pie and motherhood. They continued this until all the little dogs looked like the rot they had been standing on for so long. In each case, the one little dog was hurting most was themselves.

    Well, that situation continued for some months until Big Dog, Bannon, a lot of voters, etc. gave those wildly overconfident and overly wild little dogs some nips and reality checks.

    Now Big Dog is getting the respect.

    The Democrats pissed on Big Dog and now look totally hopeless and helpless before Big Dog and November 2018. Suddenly we have one more NYC boom from one more loser, Muslim ISIS lover, chain migration from some diversity lottery seed, and Chucky looks dumber than paint and twice as toxic.

    The Democrats are screaming about protecting women, but their hero Obozo tried to have K-12 boys and girls in the same toilets and showers — perverted, depraved a-hole. As parents coast to coast got the news, any remaining respect for Obozo went into a toxic Super Fund site.

    Lesson: For MAGA, in his first year, Trump faced a lot of nasty little dogs. So, on the way to most of MAGA, he had to nip the little dogs and get them in line. He will do more of this in November, 2018.

    As they act nasty and as the rot becomes more clear to everyone, all the mainstreams, especially Megyn, Nancy, Chucky, Bernie, all look like total fools they have acted like for so long. Then in November, 2018, a lot of those total fools will lose elections.

    Lesson: The little dogs know all too well that there was a lot of rot and that Trump’s MAGA program is right and for the right reasons. But the little dogs still didn’t want to lose face. So, before the little dogs get into line, they act nasty. THEN they get into line.

    It’s an old story: Big Dog doesn’t have to be liked. He just has to be respected. And as he is respected and then successful, then he will be liked. But, first he has to be respected, and for that he has to get the little dogs in line.

    Shocker lesson: The little dogs are so interested in their own image that they are willing to continue the rot instead of letting it appear that Big Dog has something better.

    E.g., McConnell got his nasty barking done and then got nipped — with a real threat of losing his job — and then started to behave.

    Long McConnell insisted on pretending that he hadn’t lost out to Big Dog. Now, after a year and some serious nippings from Big Dog, McConnell is ready to behave.

    The year was REALLY expensive, likely $1+ trillion for US wealth. That’s just all part of the rot and how wasteful it is and a great indication of how much better we can do on the way to MAGA.

    The little dogs really are incompetent little mutts, wallowing in filthy rot — astoundingly incompetent, and that’s one of the lessons — and, just for their own good, need the good leadership of Big Dog. But the little dogs have to come to accept that leadership. They will come to accept it, and now are starting to accept it, but need some nips from Big Dog as motivation.

    For the predictions, they would have been closer to correct except for the nasty yapping of the incompetent, out of line little dogs.

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