Domestic Policy – 2018 Predictions Report Card

Big Red Car here. How did we do on our 2018 predictions on Domestic Policy?

The Wall gets started as part of the DACA deal and the infrastructure bill. Mexico does not pay for it. President Trump attends the official groundbreaking which is in California.

CORRECT. The wall did get started though not part of the DACA deal. As predicted, Mexico did not pay for it. President Trump went to the wall, but he did not attend the official groundbreaking in California as there was no groundbreaking. Rats.

Immigration continues to march along with a huge decrease in illegal immigration. ICE continues to expel criminals and illegal aliens as ICE staffing increases.

CORRECT. Illegal immigration is down though you would never know it with all the histrionics. ICE continues to expel criminals and illegal aliens. ICE get better staffing.

There is a deal made between the Republicans and Democrats on DACA which leads to a deal on immigration. Part of the deal is a general amnesty. Yes, a general amnesty.

WRONG. I still see this in the cards, but we are no further along today than in the beginning of the year.

Chain migration, immigration lottery, birthright citizenship are dead.

WRONG. Still possible, but not yet.

Chicago, Baltimore become more deadly. The killing is primarily black-on-black. The Feds step in and begin to patrol the streets. It works and the murder rates plummet.

CORRECT, Chicago, Baltimore are killing fields. Feds give Chicago a head fake. Mayor Emmanuel does not cooperate. 

There is a huge fight on sanctuary cities. It gets nasty as the Trump administration attempts to obtain sanctuary city legislation as part of immigration reform.

CORRECT. Huge mess on sanctuary cities.

Illinois declares bankruptcy.

WRONG. Don’t get me wrong, Chicago (and Illinois for that matter) are broke, but no bankruptcy declaration.

Power is restored in Puerto Rico by the end of the summer.

CORRECT. Puerto Rico is still broke and a cesspool of political corruption. 

More states legalize recreational marijuana.

CORRECT. We are on our way to national legal weed, state-by-state. 

The entire state of California is stoned on Friday through Sunday. Nobody notices.

CORRECT. Turns out California is stoned 24/7 — nobody notices.

So, dear reader, there you have it. The report card. A few misses, but a lot of hits.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Be generous to yourself.