Merry Christmas, George Washington

Tomorrow is Christmas. I hope you have a merry one, but for those who do not, I offer you a ray of hope.

We are a nation born from a pivotal battle fought on Christmas — the Battle of Trenton (25-26 December 1776).

I believe the Battle of Trenton (there were actually two) was the pivotal battle of the American Revolution.

If our attack had been repulsed, we would not exist.

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Jesus, Is Just All Right With Me — You?

Big Red Car here. Merry Christmas! It is 50F here in the ATX with a high forecast of 65F, the Big Red Car’s idea of Christmas weather and you?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, a well known carpenter from Nazareth. It is said He never had to measure twice to cut once as He got it right the first time. If you have ever had any dealings with carpenters, then you can truly appreciate the holiness of this talent. Continue reading