Let’s Be JOLLY v Fearful

It is the season to be jolly and, yet, the entire country is fearful.

We are fearful about the China Virus Pandemic, the Omicron variant, the Winter of Death pronouncement from our POTUS, some are fearful of the POTUS, and the economy, in particular, inflation.

Folks are concerned about unfettered, unvaccinated immigration to the tune of 2MM annually at our Southern border, and smash-and-grab Christmas shopping crime in our cities, and whatever crazy scheme the Congress and Brandon are up to.

There are many reasons to be fearful, but it is a decision we make. I am here to lobby against being fearful.

“I am your father, Luke. You are looking at ‘a winter of severe illness and death.’ Oh, yeah, Merry that thing, and happy the other thing. Feliz Navidad!”

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Santa Claus Exclusive Interview

So, the Big Red Car was over getting some work done at the garage and who did he run into? Santa Claus.

Santa was having the runners waxed and trying to correct a shimmy in the front end at 186 knots (TAS – true airspeed).

When we finished our work, we had a chance to chat over an adult beverage as he took the old sleigh for a test ride.

Image result for images of santa sleigh

Santa’s sled on the wheel base getting worked on. The Jag on the wall is what Santa drives during the summers in Winter Park, Florida.

Here’s how it went.

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Good v Evil — Focus on the Good

Big Red Car here on a lazy Sunday morning. Up too late last night with the house sitter. Do not tell The Boss or my new paint job may be at risk.

The Boss says that what we think about, we talk about. You know where this is going, right?

What we talk about, we act upon. What we act upon defines our character and our lives are driven by our character.

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Jesus, Is Just All Right With Me — You?

Big Red Car here. Merry Christmas! It is 50F here in the ATX with a high forecast of 65F, the Big Red Car’s idea of Christmas weather and you?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, a well known carpenter from Nazareth. It is said He never had to measure twice to cut once as He got it right the first time. If you have ever had any dealings with carpenters, then you can truly appreciate the holiness of this talent. Continue reading