The Colors of Christmas

Big Red Car here. The bougainvillea next to the fireplace have not gotten the word that it’s winter time here in Texas. Brrr, it’s 50F.

They just keep blooming and growing.

The Boss loves bougainvillea because it’s just a little technical to grow. Not intimidating but there are a few tricks. You have to get it set right. Then you have to let it wilt and only water it when it wilts. Once it begins to set some blooms, then you have to fertilize it with a weird fertilizer weekly and water it in. If you do these things the that bougainvillea will bloom its little heart out.

Here you can see it up close. But what’s even more exciting is that there are even more blooms waiting in the wings. Take a careful look at the little blooms in the upper right of the picture. They will soon be as bit and as tight as the ones to the left. Wow!

You can really see the little bloomers in this picture. They are going to be dense and lovely here in another two weeks.

There is just something about the blooming bougainvillea that seems to make Christmas a bit more colorful.

Merry Christmas to y’all! Big fire in the fireplace tonight to ward off the chill. Bit of wine and some dancing? The colors of Christmas for all.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.







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