Let’s Be JOLLY v Fearful

It is the season to be jolly and, yet, the entire country is fearful.

We are fearful about the China Virus Pandemic, the Omicron variant, the Winter of Death pronouncement from our POTUS, some are fearful of the POTUS, and the economy, in particular, inflation.

Folks are concerned about unfettered, unvaccinated immigration to the tune of 2MM annually at our Southern border, and smash-and-grab Christmas shopping crime in our cities, and whatever crazy scheme the Congress and Brandon are up to.

There are many reasons to be fearful, but it is a decision we make. I am here to lobby against being fearful.

“I am your father, Luke. You are looking at ‘a winter of severe illness and death.’ Oh, yeah, Merry that thing, and happy the other thing. Feliz Navidad!”

Fear is anxiety, angst, alarm, apprehension that puts us in a negative mindcast. Any argument there?

Frankly, it is the low brow, knee jerk reaction to things.

The holiday season is one of joy, cheer, comfort, maybe even a little delight nigh onto glee, and, of course festivity and carols.

It is the time to steal a kiss under the mistletoe, to pinch a fat baby’s face, to drink a mug of Wassel, to lounge about in flannel pajamas with family, to inspect the inside of a church on your knees, and to give to others our most precious gift of all — our time and love.

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These are the smiles I am looking for: my No. 1 Son, My Perfect Daughter, and my beloved granddaughter Tempe the Tyrant who is new at Christmas. She says, “Hey, you, Merry Christmas!”

Jolly is a transcendental view of the world in which we definitively decide what lens to hold up through which to view the world.

These are opposite ends of the continuum. Which one do you like better?

Me, I like jolly.

So, what are we to do, Big Red Car?

Embrace the season by decorating your beautiful and handsome faces with a smile. Be the literal jolly face of Christmas.

Smile like a person who has had three glasses of champagne before being notified via both text and email you just won the lottery — the big one, PowerBall.

Banish the worrying because as we all know — worrying will not solve problems.

Pick to be jolly over fearful.

Weak stuff, Big Red Car, got anything else?

Yes, do not ever let the world or the bastards who run it believe even for a second they can influence the way you look at or interact with the world.

Be vengeful. The tougher things get, the more you embrace the season.

It is said that during the first terrible winter of Valley Forge, General George Washington — his army disappearing, starving, and knowing the Brits were waiting for them in the spring — walked through the drafty, cold log huts in which his men lived and wished every one of them Merry Christmas. He had no gifts for them except for his smile and his words. He shook every hand and spoke to every man. [No hand sanitizer in those days.]

In the memoir of several Valley Forge veterans, they noted that their Commander-in-Chief’s presence that meager Christmas put the iron in their spines and that it had an uplifting impact on morale.

Von Steuben also taught them that cold, ferocious, deprived winter how to soldier, in particular, move from a brigade column of platoons on the route march into a brigade front of platoons with their artillery arrayed behind them to offer battle to the Brits come spring which surprised the Hell out of the Brits. This one maneuver had a substantial impact on the outcome of the war. Maybe it was our Nation’s Christmas present that year?

I choose the light. I choose the festive season of Christmas. I choose the mystery of the Child’s birth. I choose the felonious smile. I choose dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh. I piss on the darkness.

I am an American and I refuse to be daunted. Bring on your Season of Severe Illness and Death, Mr. President, because I am going to kick its ass. God bless America!

Merry Christmas! Jolly up, America. Scare people with your jolly. Be THAT guy and gal.

Will you join me?