Mimosa? Kerbey Lane Cafe and the $2 Mimosa

Is there really such a thing as a $2 mimosa? Really?

Big Red Car here on a chilly Saturday in the ATX.

“How chilly, Big Red Car?”

“We’re talking hot tubbing tonight, dear readers.” [Just replaced the hot tub heater and was looking for an excuse to use it anyway.]

So, The Boss likes to breakfast out on a Saturday morning. Early.

He’s got his favorites — Counter Cafe, CafeExpress, Taco Deli, Texas French Bread, Cisco’s, the Scottish Restaurant (McDonald’s), and Kerbey Lane Cafe.

Kerbey Lane has several locations, but his favorite is the one on the other side of the street from the University of Texas.


The attractive and tasty fruit cup at Kerbey Lane Cafe across from the University of Texas. A nice place for hearty breakfast in the ATX on a chilly morning.

This location is always filled to overflowing with studenten, ‘rents, and youngish folks.

The waiters are all tatted, pierced, color haired (or shaved heads), and friendly.

They have great blueberry pancakes (not as good as Counter Cafe, but damn good just the same), and know their way around a breakfast taco. Serving up a great breakfast taco is not an insignificant accomplishment, particularly, before the sun comes up. Great people watching and there is always a wait. [They sit across from 52,000 students. So, yes, there can be a wait. But, not at 5:00 AM. Only cops and The Boss then.]

But, today, The Boss learned something incredible.



Kerbey Lane Cafe (across from the University of Texas) $2 mimosa (cranberry, but you already knew that, right?). Notice the sleeved out waiter. A very nice surprise, indeed!

Hello, America, where can you get a $2 mimosa? KERBEY LANE CAFE!

So, The Boss had a traditional mimosa (champagne, orange juice) and a cranberry mimosa (you guessed it, champagne and cranberry juice). We did not count the total number of mimosas, but … well, we will not go there. Let’s keep it light and airy today, shall we?

The moral of this story is — keep your damn eyes open because you never know what you may see. Like a $2 mimosa. Every day.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. The Boss had a few mimosas this morning at breakfast. I had a quart of 10W40 (cranberry).cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png

12 thoughts on “Mimosa? Kerbey Lane Cafe and the $2 Mimosa

  1. Special note just to BRC: I just looked up prices on ready to install all stainless steel exhaust for my old 396 Camaro and found lots of options for between $400 and $1000.

    What is currently on my Camaro is some thick wall, mild steel I had a guy bend, fabricate, and install, and it rusted badly very quickly. Stainless is the way to go.

    For my S-10 Blazer, I got suckered into replacing the catalytic converter for about $1500. However, it appears that the only auto inspection can get a ticket for is lights not working — no one cares about the rest including if there is a catalytic converter. So, just a short, cheap piece of straight pipe would have sufficed. Or for that money I could have gotten a full stainless setup.

  2. At this price, ship a few barrels to Chubby in Ping Pong Yang, let him calm down, maybe enjoy the barrels with a few barrels of good ice cream, and then wake up, grow up, wise up, get smart watching, say,


    on the Coalition air campaign in Gulf War I, on the whole war in


    and “The Mother of All Briefings” by Schwarzkopf as at


  3. Many of Austin’s best nourish at KLC between 2-5 am. Migas set the mood for this jalopy.

    • .
      It is clearly a cultural campground which attracts different sets of campers based on time of day.

      I went through a phase when I was going there at 4 AM to organize my writing thoughts. It was filled with cops and drunks.

      It’s a big enough place that the drunks had their area and the cops had theirs. Nobody messed with anyone else.

      [Do not tell anyone because this is part of the ATX shtick and we don’t want people from Cali hearing about KLC.]

      Best wishes to you and all KLC Illuminati. On Earth as it is in Austin, Texas.


  4. Good eye, BRC. Yes, have to keep the eyes open and consciously looking around! That’s cool you are out and about at 5:00.

    Interesting to look back at my teens and twenties, and remember that NONE of us sported a tat. Even the bad-boy burnouts didn’t have them. A funky hair cut or two, and some wild hair dye were to be seen — but no tats.

    The persistence of young people to keep tatting themselves up amazes me. It used to just be a tramp stamp or two but now it’s full on everything. I’ve pretty much lost my judgments towards the tats and am starting to wonder that if I were a young pup again, if I’d join the ranks and tat? I probably would, especially if it caught the interest of the girl that I wanted. Or would I?

    Yet, I’ve preached to my daughter no tats and so far so good…

    That or I’ve taught her how to miss out in all of the fun…

    • .
      Haha, One day in Hong Kong (perhaps there was beer involved), I thought I’d gotten a tattoo on my left ass cheek. Being a paratrooper, I will let you guess what it was.

      When I woke up, I had a terrible pain, consistent with a tattoo or so I thought.

      The mirror told a different story. No tattoo.

      I think the guy hit me with a 2×4 and stole my $10.

      Who knows?

      As culture changes, we are captured in its clutches. We float along in its river, letting it take us where it takes us.

      If I’d never been in the Army, I’d never have been exposed to tattoos until now.

      Daughters have to be protected and safeguarded. Boys, not so much.


      • On daughters being protected, a big suspicion is that Mother Nature has found that there is reproductive advantage in having daughters be vulnerable — in simple terms, it gets them into various, serious practical difficulties and, thus, needing a strong man to take care of them and, thus, with higher chances of becoming a mommy.

        How could Mother Nature make the daughters vulnerable? Sure, crank up the hormone levels to increase emotionalism and overwhelm rationalism and, thus, leave them vulnerable to whatever dangers are out there.

        E.g., three college freshman girls chip in and buy a gallon of vodka and a case of Gatorade, guzzle a lot of both, wear very little, and go off together to a frat party intending to have sex.

        At least in the short term, Mother Nature prefers a pregnant woman, no matter how bad the circumstances, to a woman who is not pregnant, no matter how good the circumstances. Good fathers, and, really also good boyfriends, are needed to get to good marriages, good homes, and THEN good cases of motherhood.

    • Get her some nice clip-on earrings and say “No body piercings.”, so far, not even of the ears.

      If can stop her from piercing her ears, then have a good shot at stopping her from piercing elsewhere.

      Tell her that any nice boy she will want to be with will regard any piercings, maybe other than once in each ear lobe, as just mutilating her body and, then regard her as not worthy of respect, caring, affection, or love. No self-mutilating, no piercings. Or a piercing is something could always do later but once done can never reverse — so, just wait until are really, really, really sure that won’t change your mind for the rest of your life.

      Or, tell her that she is VERY lovable, that you really love her, that you want her to have the best life she can, that there are lots of dangers out there, lots of ways to mess up a life, and that you are giving her the very best advice you have from the extra years you have had to learn.

      • She has heard my sermons on “keep your clothes on” and “no pictures EVER should they happen to come off by mistake”. It sure makes me wonder what kind of stupid things I’d have done as a today’s teen with an iphone and 30 hot girls half naked girls running around looking for cheap sex. Geez. So many more ways to destroy one’s life and reputation now! Thanks for the note, Sig.

        • ,
          The line between danger and safe is 1/16 inch wide these days. You cannot ever provide too much oversight. Understand while they are teenagers, the safety you provide makes them reckless as they think they can take a taste of the forbidden fruit and return to their safe place unmarked.


          • She needs a leader, and you are it. Don’t be reluctant to be the leader. Maybe learn from Trump: Keep it simple, and repeat it over and over. Also, give frequent progress reports, e.g., praise when she does well in something, school, school politics, diet from a size 8 to a size 4 (help her count calories and get exercise, even if only walking), athletics, glee club, violin, piano, driving test, a new dish in the kitchen she learned that can be served to the family, success in laundry, e.g., getting stains out of clothes, getting the knits washed and dried without tearing them, helping you replace the valve in the bottom of the toilet tank, in the car, successfully checking the levels of the radiator fluid, the brake fluid, the engine oil, and the transmission fluid, replacing the dome light that burned out, including finding the part number and going to the auto parts shop for the new bulb, checking/correcting the air pressure in the tires, fixing the loose seat on her bicycle, etc. — lots of “well dones” right along.

            Pay attention to her development, e.g., for just a short list, emotional, verbal, psychological, social, creative, artistic, empathetic, moral, ethical, religious, athletic, academic, mechanical, rational, quantitative, scientific, technical, romantic, entrepreneurial.

            Explain to her that you really wanted to have children and her because family is one of the greatest prizes life has to offer. Then mention that she will also want that prize — a good marriage with a good spouse, good home, attractive, comfortable, efficient, be good parents, good grand parents. For this great prize, need a good husband in a good marriage with lots love. “Love”? This is what it can feel like when lose it:


            Right, the Wotan farewell.

            That love is what she is aiming for.

            Part of that is her ability to tell her husband that she really loves him, and one of the best ways is love making.

            Yes, a current popular attitude, not really new, is that love making “doesn’t mean anything” and that it’s okay and maybe fun or feels good “to make love without being in love”.

            Alas, typically for several reasons that doesn’t work very well. One of the worst reasons is that then she loses one of the most important ways to tell her husband that she loves him. Another reason is that it tends to lead to a heart broken too many times.

            A good husband won’t like a wife for whom love making doesn’t mean love: First, it can have him in a one-sided love affair. Or she can be playing — pursuer-distancer as he purses and she backs away.
            Second, he can worry: If her love making doesn’t mean love, then when he is on a one week business trip, getting only five hours of sleep a night, working really hard for the family, did she invite in the plumber, Orkin man, guy mowing the grass, and is that bum the real father of her next child that her husband has to rear for one of the more important efforts in his life — rear the child of another man?

            Third, if he is really successful in business but she doesn’t love him, then suddenly, presto, bingo, she can use the money he made to hire a tough divorce lawyer, wreck his marriage and much of his life, take the house, get child support and alimony, maybe wreck his business, e.g., force a fast sale to be able to give her 50%, otherwise wreck his finances, etc.? He can worry about that. Been known to happen.

            Good husband material, smart enough to see the dangers, who really wants love, home, and family, won’t want to join his life to a woman for whom love making doesn’t mean love.

            Various approaches to and versions of free love have been around for a long time. Apparently at each generation there is a fraction of the boys and girls who will go for free love, drugs, alcohol, orgies, etc. Usually Darwin in on the case since those people tend to be weak, sick, or dead limbs in the tree.

            IMHO a big push to shoot good families in the gut was

            Betty Friedan, “The Problem That Has No Name”, The Feminine Mystique.



            that I regard as Communist sabotage of the American family.

            The answer to that screed is easy: Doing well with love, home, and family is about the greatest prize life has to offer. In that, there is plenty of work to do and various convenient divisions of labor, but the prize, the love, home, family, e.g., home where you are always loved, home with its security, emotional, material, etc., activities, accomplishments, memories, traditions, you like a lot, can’t get anywhere else, don’t want to lose, and bond you together, are the rewards for both husband and wife. “Bond together”? Sure, marriage vows commonly start

            “We gather together to join this man and this woman together with the bonds of holy matrimony ….”

            It’s about bonding, not just the wife with a bottomless credit card.

            Friedan talked many millions of US women into believing that such bonds were terrible for a woman, that, instead, she should look for “more”, have her “own life”, be independent, autonomous, self-sufficient, equal. Right, and be constantly lonely, afraid of being vulnerable to the hostile forces of nature and society, with no one caring about her, in a miserable job, poor, tired, old, and alone.

            Instead, with her eyes open she will see that she wants a good score on the secret, four item marriage scorecard:

            (1) Knowledge. They freely and honestly give knowledge of themselves to each other — that’s one of the main pillars of intimacy, maybe a stronger pillar than physical love making, and intimacy is one of the main pillars of love and the “bonding”. A problem is when one or both of them stops communicating.

            (2) Caring. They really care about each other. A big problem is when they don’t care. Even worse is when one or both of them dislikes, resents, or wants to sabotage the marriage — it’s been known to happen.

            (3) Respect. They should respect each other — no room for contempt.

            (4) Respond, they should respond to each other — no ignoring the spouse.

            IMHO, getting A+ grades on all 4 of these can put a couple at the head of the class, in the top 1%. Valuing activities, accomplishments, memories, and traditions can bump that to the next 1%, that is, 1 out of 10,000.

            Your daughter really can understand these points about life and marriage once they’re explained to her, e.g., with occasional illustrations: E.g., after being with a gathering of families, say, at a neighborhood block party, when it’s over have her for some of the couples guess the grades they would get on each of the four items of the score card.

            Make totally clear to her all along the great life she can have and how it’s entirely within her abilities to have such a life.

            Where did I learn these lessons? I paid “full tuition” and learned them too late. The best single reference I found was E. Fromm, The Art of Loving. In particular, the role of anxiety and the scorecard, and much more, are in there.

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