Confucius Speaks With Forked Tongue

Beloved readers, China is spying on us whenever and wherever they can. Even President Biden has recently been heard to say, “China is going to eat our lunch!” This was after his recent chat with President Forever Xi of China.

Comes now the Confucius Institutes — Chinese government funded propaganda operations at American colleges and universities — which once totaled as many as 100 but are now down to 75 as college presidents recognize the danger these Chinese government entities represent.

“Haha, you can trust me. I’m Country Joe Confucius. Howdy!”

We spoke about this here:

Confucius Say — “Keep An Eye On China, Amigo”

So what, Big Red Car?

So what, consider this:

 1. The Trump admin proposed a simple rule that the Confucius Institutes would register with the US government as a “foreign mission” which requires the Chinese to identify and register the staff at the Confucius Institutes.

The reason the Trump admin found this rule to be appropriate was because there was spying going on by persons who were active duty Chinese military intel personnel assigned to these foreign missions. 

 2. The Biden admin was accused of removing this executive order which they denied. OK, did they or not?

 3. Turns out the explanation of the Biden admin was that they had NOT removed the executive order, but offered the following:

We didn’t remove the executive order. No, not us. We just withdrew the rule from the Office and Management and Budget approval “process” which is how rules promulgated by executive orders become final.

Rules are approved by the appropriate department of the government, published in the Federal Register, and only then approved for implementation.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car, this is tedious

OK, here it is, y’all. The Biden admin did not DENY or REMOVE the executive order requiring the Chinese to operate as if their Confucius Institutes were foreign missions. No, no, oh, no!

No, they withdrew it from the approval process which killed it deader than a dead cockroach, but they did NOT deny or remove the executive order.


See, it’s going to be fine.

Why, Big Red Car? Why would the Biden admin do this?

No clue, amigo. If you figure it out, call me.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.