Harnessing the Power of a Crisis

Big Red Car here.  We’ve been having a bit of rain here in the ATX.  And that, Old Sport, is a very good thang as we are needing some more water in the lakes just now.

Look here and see this short video of the torrent of water flowing through Barton Springs.  If you don’t know Barton Springs, then you don’t know Austin.

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Stop the Guilt, It’s OK to Work Remotely

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is wandering around on Daufuskie Island — apparently the most relaxing place he has been in a recent series of very relaxing places.

Spotty cell phone service and weak Internet service but I think that may all be a subterfuge to avoid and ignore the rest of the world.  He can be like that sometimes.

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Fear — where an entrepreneur’s dreams go to die

Big Red Car here.  It’s going to be almost 100F and a bit sunny today in the afternoon.  Hoping to get some top down time this afternoon.

So The Boss is having coffee this morning with one of his CEO clients.  Nice guy.

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